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Business Online Banking Login

Use the link below to log in to your business online banking.

What about personal accounts?

You can easily access your personal online banking right from our homepage at (click “Member Login”). If you haven’t enrolled yet, choose Enroll Now” at the login.

Former Commerce Personal Accounts Have Transitioned to Summit!

Now that this transition’s officially done (congrats!), you’ll access your personal online banking right from the Member Login on our homepage. And with that, there are only a couple more things you’ll need this page for:

  • Important final steps for your personal accounts
  • Continued access to your business accounts, if you have those (see "Business Online Banking Login" in upper left)

So check off the personal banking steps below, and then it’s time to just enjoy your Summit membership!

Important Final Steps for your personal accounts

Here are the only things left on your checklist – and remember the “Welcome to easy money management at Summit!” flyer we sent to you will help make these quick and easy:

  • Activate (if you haven’t already!) and start using your new Summit personal debit card and PIN. Your former Commerce personal debit card will no longer work.
  • Start using your new Summit personal checks, too.
    • Please shred all unused former Commerce personal checks after April 2. Former Commerce personal checks submitted for payment after July 1, 2023, will be returned – don’t risk missing an important payment!
  • Update anything linked to your former Commerce personal account with your new Summit account and routing number, including:
    • Your automatic payments
    • Your direct deposits
  • Enroll in your new Summit online and mobile banking (including e-statements), but ONLY for your personal accounts.
    • Remember to also enroll in Summit Bill Pay and set up your payee information again.
    • You’ll also need to recreate any alerts you had, but it’s easier than ever! Set and manage them in either online or mobile banking.


You'll keep using the same online banking just for business accounts and log into them from this page.

You'll also keep using your former Commerce business debit card and business checks, if you have those.

Remember, we’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the contact info below.

you asked. we answered!

See FAQs



We’re happy to help you with either personal or business transactions and questions:

  • Call 800-236-5560
  • Email

Feel free to stop by!

Thanks for your membership with us!