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Cash Boomerang

Did you know that the more you save and borrow with Summit, the more money you could get back at the end of the year? We call it Cash Boomerang, and it’s a membership benefit you can only find at Summit Credit Union.

When Summit succeeds, our members succeed. This year alone Cash Boomerang members earned more than $2.08 million. Pretty impressive huh?


$2.08 million cash boomerang payout = 74,286 annual state park stickers or 6,190 badger football season tickets or 284,932 Ibs of cheese curds (yum)



How do I claim my Cash Boomerang payout?
In mobile:

Simply log in, open the quick menu (the purple dot on the lower left) or the main menu (the three lines at the top right) and tap the cash boomerang redemption button.

On desktop:

Log into online banking, click on the Cash Boomerang Redemption tab in the top menu bar.

Once you are on the redemption page in either desktop or mobile, simply choose the share account for your Cash Boomerang deposit. Once selected, click Confirm to claim your payout. If you do not have online banking, or you do not claim your Cash Boomerang payout by December 12, 2017, your Cash Boomerang payout will be deposited into your savings account on December 15, 2017. Or, contact us to help get you enrolled in online banking and claim your payout earlier.

How do I find out how much my Cash Boomerang payout is?

Members qualifying for this year’s Cash Boomerang were notified by mail and email in early November.

Through December 12, 2017, you can also log into online banking and click on the Cash Boomerang Redemption tab on the top menu bar to see if you qualified this year. If so, you can claim your Cash Boomerang payout in seconds!

How is the Cash Boomerang payout calculated?

For 2017, your Cash Boomerang is a percentage of the interest you paid and the dividends you received from 10/1/16 through 9/30/17 on all accounts on which you are the primary owner. A fixed amount is added for first mortgages, credit cards and length of your membership. A checking account is required to be eligible for Cash Boomerang. If the amount is $10 or more, you qualify for a Cash Boomerang. Maximum payout is $1,000.

How do I qualify to receive a Cash Boomerang payout?

It’s simple: All you need is a personal Summit checking account by 9/30/2017 and then, the more you save and borrow with Summit between 10/01/16 and 9/30/17, the more your potential Cash Boomerang grows. If the amount is $10 or more, you qualify for a Cash Boomerang with a maximum payout of $1,000.

Does Cash Boomerang affect my taxes?

Yes. If you receive a Cash Boomerang, it will be included in your 1099-INT. If you have any tax questions regarding the 1099 form(s), we recommend that you consult with your tax advisor.

How much is the 2017 Cash Boomerang and why?

Thanks to our members, we’re giving back over $2.08 million this year, and it’s all possible because of YOU! Every time you choose a financial product from Summit, you’re not just helping yourself, you’re helping every member and the overall success of our credit union. (And doesn’t that feel great?) We think so, and that’s why we wanted to share this cash give-back with you, our valued members!

How can I earn more next year?

The amount that comes back to you depends on the overall financial success of Summit, and how much you save and borrow at Summit. You can increase your potential payout for next year’s Cash Boomerang by opening a checking account and borrowing and saving with Summit.

What if I have accounts at other financial institutions?

Bring them over to Summit. Not only will it increase the chance of earning a Cash Boomerang next year, you can also save more money.

Can I share the Summit love with family and friends?

Absolutely! Anyone can become a member, because we believe in serving entire communities, not just parts of them. As a cooperative, member-owned financial institution, you and every member have the benefit of lower fees, higher rates on savings and lower rates on loans.

So not only will you be saving more of your own money, you’ll also be helping other members save and increasing your chance of earning another Cash Boomerang payout next year.

Why didn’t I get a Cash Boomerang?

There are a few reasons you may not have qualified for this year’s reward:

  • You did not open a personal checking account on or before 9/30/2017.
  • You're not the primary owner on the account. Joint owners do not receive separate payouts.
  • You did not earn the minimum $10 payout.
  • Account was not in good standing as of 9/30/2017.^

^Account is not considered “in good standing” if loan is delinquent for 30 days or greater on 9/30/17 or member has a charged off a loan.