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Stay in touch with Your Money

It's easy with Summit’s personal financial management tool, Summit Money Minder.
  1. Create a budget

    See your recent purchases and know when you’re on track or spending too heavily.

  2. Monitor Expenses

    Get a better idea on how you’re spending your money. We'll automatically pull in your most recent transactions and tag them (i.e. transportation, groceries, clothing) and you can customize them for a personalized view of your budget, spending history and overall financial picture.

  3. Set Goals

    Whether it's saving for a major life event, paying off a student loan or saving for your first house, we'll help you organize your finances and find ways to make them happen even faster.

  4. Get Transaction Alerts

    Be alerted of upcoming bills, monitor account balances to avoid fees, and review transactions of a certain amount or from a particular store.

Stay Connected With Your Money

Summit Money Minder is free to all Summit members. To get started, simply click on the Summit Money Minder tab within online banking.

Get Started




Why should I use Summit Money Minder?

Summit Money Minder provides you the tools to help successfully manage and track your finances. You can create a budget, monitor expenses, and set goals. We'll also allow you to track your upcoming bills and incomes, and enable you to view all your accounts in one convenient location. Summit Money Minder can help you in tangible ways to improve your overall financial health.

How do I start?
  1. Add additional accounts from other financial institutions to view all your accounts in one place.
  2. Customize the 'tag' names on your transactions to get the most accurate financial picture.
  3. Set up monthly Spending Targets within the 'Budget' area to organize your tagged transactions.
  4. Use 'Cashflow' to track regular incomes and bills.
  5. Create specific financial targets under the 'Goals' tab.


What shows up on my dashboard?

You can view the following items on your Dashboard:

  • All uploaded accounts and their balances
  • Daily account transactions
  • An advanced search bar to find transactions by name, date, category, etc.
  • Your customizable widgets which can include expenses, goals, budgets, bills, net worth, and more!
How do I set up a goal?

How do I add an account?

How do I set alerts?

How do I set up my cash flow calendar

How do I set a budget?

How do I use the Net Worth tool