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Between you and your money, you can make it happen. We can help.
moving day
Once a member, always a member
Just landed a new job? Or need to flee the Wisconsin winter? No matter the reason, a move can mean many things in your life will change, but the way you manage your finances doesn’t have to be one of them. Your new city may not have a Summit branch, but with features like online banking and e-statements, we can move with you.
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red shoes
Start the “New (school) Year” off right with a little help from technology
Red Shoes, Financial Freedom, Spending
January 1 might be the official beginning of the New Year, but doesn’t back-to-school always feel like the REAL fresh start? As you trade swimsuits and flip-flops for backpacks and lunch bags, there’s no better time to get control of your spending. Check out these tips and tech tools and you’ll be owning your money in no time.
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Back to School Finances
Everything You Wanted to Know About School Finances, but Were Afraid to Ask
Student, Worth Saving For, Spending
If you’re a student or a parent, the beginning of the school year, especially a college career, can be intimidating, though it doesn’t have to be. By studying up on financial planning before the first day of school, you can be ready to tackle whatever college – and life – may throw at you.

Before Classes Start
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Liz Ehlert
Females and Finance: Liz Ehlert
Females in Finance, Own It
This month’s Females and Finance feature is one of our 2016 Project Money winners, Liz Ehlert! Find out what motivated Liz to own it and why she still does every day since the end of Project Money.
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summit financial advisors blog
Don't Leave Your Retirement Plan Dollars Up in the Air
SFA, Retirement
A Message from Summit Financial Advisors

Changing jobs? Retiring? Don’t leave your retirement plan dollars up in the air.
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red shoes
Check “back to school” off your to-do list now and own the rest of your summer!
Red Shoes, Living, Kids
Depending on where you live, back to school could happen as early as AUGUST 14 (we’re looking at you Milwaukee Public Schools!). It’s hard to think about backpacks and calculators when you’re swatting mosquitoes and soaking up after-dinner sunlight. But follow these tips to manage spending now and you’ll get to relax and enjoy the rest of summer.
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