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Make these four changes and get on track for a Money Smart Year!

Young woman doing yoga on a mat while looking at laptop

Did you resolve to do a better job with your finances in 2018? Good for you! We know you can do it!

To help, we’ve come up with a catchy name — your Money Smart Year (don’t you feel inspired already?) — plus four January-friendly tips to get you started.

#1. Get a better credit card. Remember last month when we suggested finding out if you had the best credit card? If you already did that, yippee and go immediately to #2. But if you didn’t, now is the time!

For most of us, January is the month when our biggest bills hit. If you can’t afford to pay them off right away, you at least want to have the lowest interest rate possible. Can a Summit credit card beat your current rate? Find out!

And don’t just look at interest rates. Check out rewards too (Summit’s are great, just FYI). If a Summit card is a better fit, you can transfer your balance for free — which is not true for every credit card out there. And Summit’s cards have no annual fees and lots of great security features, too.

And here’s one more thing to think about: You could be helping others every time you shop and it won’t cost you a thing. Choose Summit’s Global Good Credit Card and you’ll get the same rewards as our Visa Platinum card. Plus, Summit will donate $10 for every card opened plus 20% of our fee income every time you buy. So your new coat or dinner and a movie could help people around the world get access to affordable financial services. Doesn’t that feel great?

#2. Don’t go crazy shopping January sales. Yes, if you find the best fitting pair of jeans you’ve ever had, permission granted to pull out your credit card. But if you’re about to buy a “bargain” you already have four of, or that doesn’t match anything you own or doesn’t fit quite right, back away! Go get yourself a nice coffee drink and walk the mall instead!

#3. Reconsider that gym membership. Who doesn’t want to get healthier after weeks of eating leftover cut-out cookies? But an expensive gym membership isn’t really what motivates most of us. If you do opt for the membership, find rewards to motivate yourself to go. And check out cheaper ways to get fit: see what the local rec center has to offer, set up a walking/running schedule with a buddy (you’re more likely to stick with it), or check out fitness videos on YouTube.

#4. Set up an appointment with a Summit expert. We can help you prepare for everything, from building a down payment for a house to saving for education, retirement, travel and rainy day funds. Would you be in a better place financially if you had a little help? Why not find out?

Own your Money Smart Year, with a little help from Summit Credit Union!

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