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alane and bishop

Hey everybody, we’re back with another 2015 Project Money summary! This time we’re highlighting the lessons learned from Alane and Bishop, or as we like to call them: Team A & B. Alane approached this year’s program with an enthusiasm that was a joy to watch and she achieved some pretty major success in the process. Keep reading to see how Team A & B reduced deficits by more than $8,000!

Ready? Set? Sayonara, debt!

Alane & Bishop

Alane and Bishop (Team A & B) have had an incredible experience on Project Money. Whether Alane was developing new ways to generate income (last fall she made $1K from selling old clothes on FB) or somehow always finding time to donate to charities, her path to Owning It has been exciting to follow! Her journey focused on changing habits to enable her to spend time and money doing the things that truly made her happy, like spending time with her son Bishop.

During Project Money, Alane was able to completely pay off one of her credit cards and increase her savings by more than $4,500. In her eyes, one of the most valuable elements she takes from Project Money is learning the importance of creating and following a monthly budget.

“It’s not only about keeping track of where you spend your money, but it also keeps you on track,” said Alane. “I was able to save as much money as I did by being able to see what I had coming in, what bills needed to be paid and making sure to transfer money into savings right away, no excuses!”

Alane also points out a huge lesson from her coach Kathy was to not get discouraged and be ready to embrace certain change.

“Another thing I learned from Project Money is that changing behaviors takes time,” said Alane. “I learned that it’s okay to get out of my comfort zone and try something new! From the live news interviews to thoroughly going through my finances, every step was out of my old comfort zone, which is now my new normal.”

Well put, Alane.  As for people trying to get on track financially, Alane encourages them to be patient.

“The best advice I could give someone is to understand that change takes time,” she explained. “Just like following a new diet or exercise program, you won’t see results unless you put hard work and time into changing!”

We couldn’t say it any better, Alane! Congratulations to you and Bishop for all you achieved this year. We look forward to seeing you put what you learned into action going forward. Way to come together and Own It, Team A & B!

Total Savings Increase: $4,844; Total Debt Reduction: $8,009