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project money 2016

We are pleased to introduce you to the coaches for our 2016 Project Money teams! They’d love to help you get started on your own Project Money–style journey, so come in and meet them! In the meantime, here’s a little more about the official coaches for Project Money 2016.

Meet Rachel

Rachel began her career as a teller almost 12 years ago and is now a senior lending advisor at Summit, where she’s worked for four years. She’s been married to her “best friend for 27 years,” and owns a rabbit named Mr. Wallaby Buttons (we know, awesome name). She loves visiting family and soon will spend much time as the Project Money coach to Emilee and Rob.

Rachel is very excited to work with such a young couple (Emilee and Rob are both 25) to help start planning their financial future, and as a proud Summit employee, she couldn’t be more ready to tackle the challenge.

“I feel great about working at Summit because we’re making a difference, inspiring people to take action,” she explains. “I look forward to connecting with Emilee and Rob and the fellow coaches. With each connection we can learn something to help us grow, and then use that to help others.”

Most interesting item kept in wallet: A picture of myself and my husband with my sister photobombing us. It was taken on a cruise a few years ago.

Meet Ryan

The son of a high school economics teacher, Ryan Husom has always been passionate about finances, studying both business and economics at UW La Crosse. Ryan loves home brewing his own beer and has been an active ultimate Frisbee player for 15 years (he even played in a league in Seville, Spain while studying abroad).

As a Summit lending advisor, Ryan places much of his focus on the consumer, specializing in helping members gain their financial freedom. This will largely be his approach to Project Money with Liz and Drew, who have a newborn son named Beckett. “We’re going to try a number of different strategies until we get results. Cut, trim, modify, turn sideways to get them moving forward.”

As for his career, Ryan loves helping people be happier in their daily lives. “Money and finances affect every person nearly every day,” he says. “Helping alleviate that anxiety and getting them confident about their finances is why I love what I get to do every day at Summit.”

Superpower of choice: Teleportation. I could wake up in my beach house, pick up a baguette in Paris, some coffee in Costa Rica, cheese from Wisconsin and eggs from my sister-in-law’s farm. And that’s just for breakfast.

Meet Sara

Sara started out as an intern at a bank nearly 10 years ago. Always business-savvy, she earned a degree in business administration from UW-Whitewater and now works as a senior lending advisor at Summit, where she’s been for nearly five years.

Sara enjoys going to the Dells and Brewers games with her three children. She’s also moving to Janesville soon, which will help her connect to her Project Money team Amanda and Nick, who hope to complete their basement remodel soon. “I really like that they have a set goal in mind,” she says. “I want to find a way to save them the most amount of money possible to be impactful for the long term.”

As for her role at Summit, she’s always been proud to help others. “Actually living our mission and vision when we’re doing things like this is pretty extraordinary,” she says. “It’s exciting to be a part of something that helps people make good choices.”

Favorite Movie: A League of Their Own

Meet Laura

With an associates degree in accounting and working in the financial industry for over 14 years, Laura has seen it all when it comes to financial planning (even owning her own business at one point). A proud wife and mother of three, Laura loves to garden, watch The Walking Dead and travel Wisconsin on her Harley.

When she’s not cruising the highways, you can find Laura helping her clients in the most engaging way possible. “I love having the ability to be a part of their journey to financial freedom and giving them the tools and encouragement they need,” she says.

Laura explains that she’s looking forward to using this approach with her Project Money team, Heidi and Mitchell, who hope to possibly retire early and start saving for their children’s education. “I look forward to helping Mitch and Heidi, see their smiles and celebrate their accomplishments.”

Quirkiest Habit: I have taken up the habit from my children of talking to my dog like she is an actual child.