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Project Money December Update

Project Money December Update

Well folks, we have arrived. This December our 2016 Project Money participants wrapped up their final month of the program. Time flies when you’re…reducing debt and increasing savings? These teams will be the first to tell you about the challenges and rewards of the program, but we have a sneak preview of their final months below!

We’ll save complete program numbers for our close-out entry, but until then sit back and read their reflections. And yes, prepare to be inspired, stunned and moved all at once.

Amanda & Nick

Amanda and Nick laid out their experience in an inspiring way their final month, discussing the challenges and impactful changes Project Money has helped them navigate. From opening communication to doing the small things like switching to LED light bulbs to save on their electricity bill (nice!), it’s clear this team has had a remarkably positive experience. They also continued their resourcefulness, sharing tips on how to entertain your family during the winter, including things like PetSmart hosts and Home Depot Kids Workshops. Nice job, team! What a great seven months!

Drew & Liz

Drew and Liz ended their Project Money journey on a pretty nice high note. We especially liked their phrasing of the underlying question, “Pay down debt or save for the future?”  While it might come off as a generic question at first, the team pulled it together in a great way, detailing how most financial battles are about doing what’s best for your specific situation and staying true to that. They also laid out a brilliant percentage breakdown of how they used Drew’s bonus this year. The mic-drop exit didn’t hurt them on cool points, either. Great work this year, you two!

Emilee & Rob

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a major milestone hit this month, which was reaching $10,000 in their designated new-house fund! The crazy part? Seven months ago that fund had a balance of $0. Talk about #goals. They also shared a cool lesson on renting compared to owning, complete with charts from Madison Gas & Electric. While the pair say their milestone achievements this year will be hard to surpass, we have all the confidence they can reach them again, especially the way they prioritized goals and allocated funds to specific goals throughout their journey. Great job this year, Emilee and Rob! Good luck on the new house!

Heidi & Mitch

2016 was a very dynamic year for Heidi and Mitch. They started the year on a high note, so to speak, zip lining and sailing in Mexico and Central America, jumped into Project Money and perhaps most importantly are ending the year absolutely credit card debt-free! Boom! This month was as active as any for them, as they wrote a tutorial on how to give back (hint, it’s from the heart, not the wallet) and the large benefits of spending time with family and loved ones during the holidays. Congratulations on your Project Money journey, Team Mellenberger! Well. Done.