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Project Money: Lessons Learned From Season 10

Project Money Update

Celebrating its 10th season, Project Money is a chance for four teams to take control of their finances and improve their daily lives. Throughout the program, the teams work directly with a Summit financial coach, who provides personalized strategies to help change their habits.

Now that Project Money season 10 has come to a close, our teams shared their tips and tricks for how you can improve your financial situation and transform your life. Check it out!

And the winner is...Angie & Cris!

Angie and Cris | Project MoneyCongrats to Angie & Cris, the winners of this year’s Project Money program and $10,000 prize! We couldn’t be more proud of the progress these two made throughout the season, from managing their day-to-day budget to planning to one day build their dream home. Along the way, they also worked hard to teach their kids, Blake and Carly, the importance of good financial habits.

Their advice for owning your finances:

  • Be more mindful of your spending
  • Plan to save for what you want to buy, rather than using a credit card
  • Open a second checking account dedicated just to bills, and multiple savings accounts to save for different goals
  • Use Summit's Climbr®. It helps you watch your goals, track where and how you spend, and keep a watchful eye on all your accounts (even accounts from other financial institutions)

Total Savings Increase: $23,723
Total Debt Reduction: $15,905

Jaclyn & Kiara

Jaclyn and Kiara | Project MoneyJaclyn and Kiara have come a long way during Project Money. Because they both worked two jobs, they spent a lot of money just trying to maintain their demanding schedules. Their Project Money coach helped them make lifestyle changes that ultimately allowed them to quit their second jobs, freeing them up to work toward long-term goals. In their words, “We are now able to look at our future goals more seriously. It’s as if they have gone from being future dreams to being actual plans.” These ladies are truly inspiring! 

Their advice for owning your finances:

  • Budgeting is everything. If you stick to your plan, but it doesn’t go right, then simply  adjust the best you can
  • When paying off debts, consider the snowball effect, which can help reduce the total amount you’re paying in the long run
  • Look for the best deals or free options when shopping or looking for things to do

Total Savings Increase: $4,390
Total Debt Reduction: $16,804

Megan & Scott

Megan and Scott | Project MoneyWith their wedding now less than a year away, newlyweds-to-be Megan and Scott have reached their wedding savings goal and then some. By changing some of their everyday habits and making saving a priority, they’ve been able to accomplish other goals too, like paying off student debt and contributing to their retirement savings. Can you say #PowerCouple?

Their advice for owning your finances:

  • Communication is the key to succeeding at anything with your partner. Be an open book. Don’t lie to yourself. The more you are honest and straightforward about your situation, the sooner you will see improvement
  • Set up a NO-excuses budget. Set parameters for yourself, and don’t move from them.  You’ll see immediate results in regard to previous unnecessary spending
  • Use Summit's Climbr, a free tool that tracks spending and saving. You’ll get email/text updates on how much of the budget you are using for the month and how close you are to reaching your financial goals

Total Savings Increase: $20,831
Total Debt Reduction: $27,145


Sara | Project MoneySara and her family had an incredible Project Money journey. Her willingness to learn new things helped her accomplish some big financial wins, whether it was reducing her day-to-day spending or refinancing her mortgage to have a shorter repayment timeline. She says the experience has been transformational: “As a result of my Project Money journey, I am financially independent and thriving. I have the freedom to be happy, successful, and hopefully am modeling that strength for my family and friends each and every day.”

Her advice for owning your finances:

  • Pay in cash and don’t fall into mindless purchasing with credit cards and living beyond your means 
  • Summit has some amazing resources: staff, webinars, tech tools. Take advantage of these
  • Meet with a Summit Financial Coach to discuss debt. Lay all your debt out there and see if anything can be bundled or refinanced 

Total Savings Increase: $14,040
Total Debt Reduction: $4,628

Ready to transform YOUR financial life? Apply for the next season of Project Money and start your journey!

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