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Project Money November Update

Summit Credit Union Project Money November Update

Project Money season 9, month 5, officially is a wrap! As we’ve been cruising through fall (is it really November?) our Project Money teams have been owning their financial journey as they reduce debt and increase savings.

The biggest update from our end? These participants are super smart. Between picking up on insurance-saving tactics and being budget conscious in all of their purchases, they’re quite impressive.

Keep reading for more inspiration and money smarts, friends!


Jenniffer began October on another compelling note, detailing a recent financial “cheat day” that she was able to enjoy with her fiancé. Comparing it to a cheat day during a food diet, Jenniffer had great insight for people on why cheat days can actually help you achieve your goals.

Perhaps our favorite post of Jenniffer’s this month was about a recent piece of mail labeled Urgent Notice leading her to do a subscription cleanse. Essentially, she walked us through how getting rid of old subscriptions or unused streaming services can save you hundreds of dollars. Do you really need those magazines you only read some of the time? Or how about the Spotify premium account? The answer is (most likely) no.

Elsewhere, Jenniffer shared tips on setting up security around your personal finances.

Great month, Jenniffer!

Karl & Heather

Karl and Heather spent a large part of October vetting new insurance providers, which can be a not-so-fun task—especially when you’re looking for both a new home and auto insurer. Well, Karl and Heather turned their needed burden into a great learning experience as they stayed the course and ultimately cut their insurance premiums by over a third of their original costs! That has to feel good.

The thoughtful parents of three also had another month showing off their skills at finding AWESOME activities to do with their kids on a budget. This month, the lineup was centered around going “back to school,” and taking advantage of the UW campus. For them, October included a Camp Randall movie night, star gazing at the planetarium and even a family photo shoot at campus landmarks.

Needless to say, we’re all inspired to start taking advantage of living so close to the UW campus. Awesome stuff, Karl and Heather!

Moriah & Terrance

Moriah and Terrance began October by detailing how they’ve found a way to enjoy themselves WHILE being financially responsible. In their minds, just because you’re working hard to save money and reduce debt, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you’re at it. Too often, they say, people “equate responsible money management to not spending money on nonessentials,” (also known as the fun stuff).  

By being conscious of where you stand financially before making those nonessential purchases, you can achieve guilt-free buying. Who doesn’t want that?!

Speaking of having a budget-conscious mindset, the couple demonstrated they have exactly that in their decision to not fly to Nashville to see Terrance’s family. The most impressive part? They had found a round-trip flight for less than $200. However, after doing some homework, they found the trip would still cost around $700.

Nice job, guys. A little homework sometimes (literally) pays off. Most importantly, they’ll still be taking the trip to see Terrance’s family—just in a car, instead. J

Venus & Madison

Beginning with a post describing how saving a little can go a long way, Venus had another inspirational month navigating her Project Money journey and her fitness-entrepreneurial life.

You’ll definitely want to read her post about the Power of Saving, detailing how powerful saving and intentional spending can be. We think there’s a little something for everyone in here. #Inspired.

Later in the month, Venus had an awesome post that can really be summed up in six words: wait, research and plan for it. We’ve taken a few minutes and, honestly, can’t think of anything financial that this wouldn’t apply to.

The post goes into tips on purchasing things because they have high utility value rather than just because you want them. Yes, this team is already onto the expert level stuff. Great month, Venus!

There you have it, savvy savers! Another Project Money month in the books. Keep coming back to the Money Smarts blog for more inspiration and resources to own your financial life.