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project money 2016 October Update

With just two months left for Project Money 2016, our teams are truly heading toward a moneymaking finish. From their in-depth strategy planning to making decisions that will set them up for long-term success, our teams have clearly learned A LOT this year.

We could easily call this thing a wrap right now and everyone would walk away winners, but keep reading to catch up on all the teams as we head into the final few months!

Amanda and Nick:

Amanda and Nick began October by celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary! As they’ve been diligently following their budget, it was fun to hear how excited they were at the chance to break routine for some much-deserved R&R. That being said, they did have a few surprises that set them back a little more than they would’ve liked. A car fix, leaking washing machine and pet surgery would be hard for anyone to swing.

Nonetheless, they responded by having a productive planning meeting with their financial coach and ended October in good spirits. We can’t wait to see how they finish these last few months.

Drew & Liz:

Starting the month off with another impressive move on Liz’s student loans, Drew and Liz hit a little speed bump when they weren’t pleased with the savings results of their second standings update. However, they regained some perspective after meeting with their coach Ryan, who helped them see a huge positive in how much they care. Nice.

The conversation seemed to light a spark, as they finished October with Drew somehow turning a $350 marathon into a free marathon . Pretty cool stuff! Oh. They also traveled to Drew’s family’s cabin and broke years of tradition just to save a few bucks. That’s #Dedication.

Emilee & Rob:

Emilee and Rob nailed it this month. They started by taking advantage of a nearby bulk retailer where Emilee shopped for her college graduation party. What’s more, Rob showed us some very cool ways that he’s been saving money on his hunting trips! He also shared insight into how he saves money during his daily routine, which is a mixture of class and work.

The pair ended the month on a very strategic note, laying out how they’ll plan to be prepared for unexpected expenses that arise, all the way down to three detailed lists. Nice work!

Heidi & Mitch:

Heidi and Mitch had another successful month, and they’ve made lots of progress throughout their Project Money journey. They highlighted their plan to save extra money each month and have even started tracking daily expenditures like gas and food. How? With a checkbook ledger, of course. Yeah, real old school (and awesome).

Major points to the couple for also attending a Red SHOES event featuring 2014 Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. The session, titled “From Courage to Confidence,” focused on Mary’s campaign journey, which Heidi brilliantly connected to Project Money in her recap. Nice work, Team Mellenberger!