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Project Money: Planning for Future Financial Goals

Project Money Update

Celebrating its 10th season, Project Money is a chance for four teams to take control of their finances and improve their daily lives. Throughout the program, the teams work directly with a Summit financial coach, who provides personalized strategies to help change their habits.

Over the last four months, our teams have been crunching the numbers and finding ways to save money. Now, they’re starting to think about the future and what they’ll be able to accomplish with their newfound money smarts. Read on to find out what financial goals they’re working toward and how they plan to make them happen!

Jaclyn and Kiara | Project MoneyJaclyn & Kiara
Since the beginning of Project Money, Jaclyn and Kiara’s biggest goal was saving for a home. Now, after months of hard work to change their financial habits, they feel they are finally on their way. In their words, “We can see it in our future. It is looking more like a reality and less like a dream.” While they still have work to do, they’re starting to recognize the power of managing your money with purpose – and it doesn’t get much better than that!

Megan and Scott | Project MoneyMegan & Scott
Wondering how these two saving superstars paid off more than $15,000 in debt and saved around $8,500? This month Megan and Scott let us in on a few of their secrets to making it happen. Meanwhile, they’re building on their success and working toward the future by doing things like managing health expenses and staying on top of their wedding budget. Talk about a #PowerCouple! 

Angie and Cris | Project MoneyAngie & Cris
Whether it’s finding affordable entertainment or DIY-ing household repairs, Angie and Cris have been hustling to achieve their financial goals, one of which is saving for retirement. This month they met with a Summit Financial Advisor to discuss how much they should be saving (spoiler alert: it was more than they thought!) and when. After discussing options with their advisor, Angie and Cris are feeling much more confident that a relaxing retirement is within reach. 

Sara | Project MoneySara
Sara is truly embracing her new financial habits, whether it’s budgeting for splurges or trying to DIY instead of buy. She’s also taking strides toward her future, like changing her tax withholdings to keep more money in her pocket instead of waiting for a big return in the spring. With more control of her money, she has the freedom to do the things she truly wants, like giving back to people in need. Her balanced approach to finances is an inspiration!   

Find more inspiration to help tackle your financial goals on the Project Money blog, and follow along with team updates on Facebook!

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