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Project Money: Prioritizing What Matters Most in Life

Project Money Update

Celebrating its 10th season, Project Money is a chance for four teams to take control of their finances and improve their daily lives. Throughout the program, the teams work directly with a Summit financial coach, who provides personalized strategies to help change their habits.

The holidays are a time to reflect and appreciate the things that matter most, and our Project Money teams have been doing just that. Check out their tips to make their money work harder, so they can enjoy things like quality time with loved ones, special occasions and a greater sense of well-being.

Jaclyn and Kiara | Project MoneyJaclyn & Kiara
Jaclyn and Kiara took a big step this month. With the financial changes they’ve made over the course of Project Money, they decided they can afford to leave their second jobs, reducing their hours from 60–70 per week to only 40. As they discussed with their coach, Jamie, prioritizing their physical and emotional wellbeing will be well worth the investment. Meanwhile, they’re continuing to work toward buying a home, starting by reducing their debt. They are utilizing the debt snowball method to get it paid off faster!

Megan and Scott | Project MoneyMegan & Scott
With their wedding now less than a year away, Megan and Scott are finding ways to save every step of the way. By keeping their budget top of mind during the planning process, they know they’ll be able to enjoy the big day without worrying – at least not about finances, anyway! From throwing a bridal party on a budget to finding travel deals for their honeymoon in Germany, these two have it covered. Enjoying life without financial fear? We’ll toast to that.

Angie and Cris | Project MoneyAngie & Cris
This family of four remains as busy as ever, but that hasn’t stopped them from making moves toward their financial goals. By taking small steps like paying off some of the principal on their Home Equity Line of Credit, they are well on their way to breaking ground on their dream house. Meanwhile, they’re still finding time to enjoy the little things like taking a weekend trip for Blake’s swim meet or working on some homemade holiday gifts.

Sara | Project MoneySara
An unexpected loss in the family has Sara counting her blessings this holiday season. Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult both personally and financially, but it also gives you an appreciation for what truly matters most in life. As Sara wrote on her blog, “We can’t buy time, happiness, friends, hope, dream, love, and we can’t buy health.” An important lesson for all of us!   

Check out the Project Money blog for more tips and follow along with team updates on Facebook!

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