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Project Money September 2017 Update

Project Money September Update

Okay savvy savers, we’re now three months into the 2017 Project Money program. In other words, we’re already a third of the way through …!

Couldn’t be prouder of the steps these teams are taking. Read on for wisdom!

Karl & Heather
Karl and Heather started off August in a dynamic way, highlighting several “firsts” in a number of areas. Beginning with their first appearance on NBC15 with anchor Leigh Mills, the couple is starting to feel more comfortable speaking openly about financial challenges — a major milestone in the Project Money journey.

Karl and Heather also experienced some challenging changes this month, punctuated with a sudden job switch. Their coach Laura promptly asked, “What’s your plan?” and the two had luckily already established an emergency savings fund.

During the change, the family showed lots of courage, openly discussing the situation with family and friends. In turn, they received plenty of positive encouragement and reactions, giving them a sort of lift during a tough time. According to the couple, “Talking about it made us both feel less stressed and the positive energy from those we told really gave us a lift.”

Now that’s an impactful Project Money story. Keep up the great work, Karl and Heather!

Jenniffer began August with a pretty inspiring post discussing how creatures of habit should embrace change. We especially liked her insight into Project Money being nine months because substantial financial changes take time. Well put!

Later in the month, Jenniffer kind of blew us all away with her staycation on a budget for her and daughter Ashley. Seriously, the schedule should be in a Wisconsin tourism manual.

The pair began with a trip to the Baraboo area to visit the International Crane Foundation (ICF) and Big Cat Rescue. Using coupons for ICF admission, Jenniffer also scored a free guided tour. That day also included a trip to Ochsner Park and Zoo, (where they enjoyed packed lunches) and a stop at the Pope Conservancy during their trip home. Not slowing down, the duo’s staycation also included a free tour of the State Capitol in Madison (free) followed by a hike and bike ride to Picnic Point (also free).

Fun facts we learned from the duo along the way:

  • Cranes mate for life
  • The Pope Conservancy has over 500,000 sunflowers across nine acres

Well done, Jenniffer. Well done.

Moriah & Terrance
Early this month, Moriah and Terrance learned the valuable lessons around setting up different accounts for emergencies when they were hit with unforeseen bills to the sum of $1,700. The crazy part? All of those expenses were incurred in just six days!

Good thing the pair had the sense to work with their coach, Rachel, to set aside money for that exact scenario. Essentially, the couple didn’t even feel the hit, as the money was already there. That HAS to be a great feeling.

The couple also did a proactive financial check-up with Rachel for a full view of their financial picture, helping them see where adjustments are needed. Doubling down on this sentiment, they’re also getting great use out of Summit’s Money Minder tool.

The budgeting portion has helped them locate unnecessary spending and most importantly, they’ve had far fewer disagreements around their finances. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Keep it up, Moriah and Terrance!

Venus had another great start to the month, beginning with taking a great recommendation from her financial coach, Murphy, on a business accountant firm. Feeling inspired from the session, Venus did a vlog (video blog) about her meeting right away. The contact is helping her set an income goal, get a grasp on the money she is taking in and the debt that she owes.

Later in the month, Venus started doing some research on buying a home—one of her downstream goals. After taking a deeper look into her finances with Murphy, she was ecstatic to report that it’s much more attainable than she thought! Awesome.

Venus also had a touching entry about a discussion with daughter Madison around happiness. Turns out the more important things in life are being surrounded by people you love and “things” are a distant second. We kind of teared up, too. Awesome month, Venus!

Well, there you have it. Month three complete. Remember to visit the Money Smarts blog for more Project Money news and resources to own your life.