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project money 2016 September Update

All right, finance fanatics! We’re back with September’s Project Money update. Come see how these teams are doing and check out the different tactics that inspire us week by week. Let’s get to it!

Amanda & Nick

Amanda and Nick began September with great momentum as Nick was adjusting to his new job and the family was adjusting to a new routine. As a reminder, both Amanda and Nick work at the UW hospital. To save some extra cash, they both switched their current parking spots and will ultimately see $800 in savings this year because of it. We know – $800. Just on parking! What’s more, the couple announced that after some great planning with their coach, Sara, they’ve now eliminated all of their credit card debt! Wow. Nice work, team!

Emilee & Rob

Emilee and Rob took us through all their best strategies this month. From saving money on other activities by spending time training their dog Sawyer instead to recycling old school supplies, the couple has hit a bit of a hot streak with their financial strategies. Emilee has also started sharing her Project Money lessons with friends and colleagues (even flagging Summit’s budget worksheet). Perhaps most importantly, this young couple is pondering long-term goals. Not many 25-year-olds would consider skipping a trip to Mexico to save for a down payment on a new home. #Goals

Drew & Liz

Drew and Liz inspired us all this month with their charming entry on the importance of communication. Not only do they detail how it helps them have a more consistent view of their money, they candidly admit it generally makes them a happier couple! They explain that by both of them having a more active role in budgeting (before, it was primarily Drew), stress is eliminated, therefore making their relationship happier. In summary, (financial) awareness = less stress = happier people. Moreover, Liz altered her student loan plan from a 10-year fixed to a 7-year fixed, which will save her an additional $11,000 in interest! Sha-bam.

Heidi & Mitch

Heidi and Mitch had a pretty busy September. They hit a little bump in the road by going a little over budget in throwing a (might we say AWESOME) birthday party for their 10-year-old daughter Chloe. But in our mind, they certainly made up for it in their last post of September, which detailed three new shopping rules they’ll be following. They also shared some cool financial apps they’ve heard about through friends (do yourself the favor and check out the comparison-pricing app). Not a bad month, Mellenbergers. Not bad at all.

Pretty good stuff, huh? Keep checking back for monthly Project Money updates and don’t forget to read our blog for more saving, living, working and spending tips each month!