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Project Money Teams Share Simple Ways to Save

Project Money Update

Celebrating its 10th season, Project Money is a chance for four teams to take control of their finances and improve their daily lives. Throughout the program, the teams work directly with a Summit financial coach who provides personalized strategies to help change their habits.

We’re three months into Project Money, and our teams have learned a thing or two! Check out their tips for saving a little more (and spending a little less!) each month. 

Jaclyn and Kiara | Project MoneyJaclyn & Kiara
These ladies have been making use of Summit’s Climbr®, a monthly budget tracker that can help you plan and manage expenses. By making some small changes over the last three months, like making coffee at home instead of stopping at Starbucks, they’ve been able to set aside a nice chunk of change. Jaclyn and Kiara are going to take these “earnings” and use them to pay off another credit card. Way to go, #TeamNyhus!

Megan and Scott | Project MoneyMegan & Scott
This month, Megan and Scott shared some of their savvy saving tips for homeowners, including ways to save on landscaping and home maintenance. Owning a home can come with some unplanned expenses, but these two are more than up for the challenge! Meanwhile, they’re starting to plan for a special expense…their wedding!

Angie and Cris | Project MoneyAngie & Cris
Angie and Cris have been working toward a big goal: building their dream home. Luckily, they aren’t on a set timeline, but Project Money has helped motivate them to get serious about saving. By managing their expenses wisely (with a little help from Summit’s Climbr), they are hopeful to start construction in a year and a half. Can’t wait to see the results, guys!  

Sara | Project MoneySara
Want to ease the burden of credit card debt? Just ask Sara how it’s done. She went from money novice to saving superstar in just three months. She worked with her financial coach to make some smart money moves, like consolidating debt and refinancing her house, and now she’s embracing a newfound simplicity in her finances. We’re so happy for you, Sara!

Follow along on the Project Money blog for even more tips on how to make the most of your money – no matter what challenges you might be facing. You can also check out our Facebook page for team updates!

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