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SCU Project Money January Update

Summit Credit Union Project Money January update

Okay savvy savers, we’ve completed the final month of the 2017 Project Money journey! While this is always a bittersweet part of the program, we can’t help but be SUPER proud of all the participants.

The end of the program also brings some of the most impactful learnings, as the teams really see their hard-earned rewards pay off. So take a moment and learn a few last learnings from one of the best Project Money seasons yet!

After Jenniffer’s daughter Ashley quickly spent most of her savings, Jenniffer promptly went into Project-Money-mom mode and had Ashley start looking for a job. As you know by now, a huge part of Project Money is the education of others, and it’s clear Jenniffer is teaching Ashley financial lessons, too. Way to go! Continuing her knack for learning, Jenniffer made a great breakdown of investment options that could easily serve as a beginner’s guide to investing. Smartly defining 101 terms like mutual and index funds, she also notes how, just like budgeting, having a goal for your investments is equally important. To close out her final month, Jenniffer provided a detailed summary of her 2017, including learnings, disappointments and big wins. Jenniffer has plenty to be proud of over the past 12 months. Great work this year, Jenniffer!

Karl & Heather
Winning the Cutest Project Money Blog Ever Award (if that existed), Karl and Heather began December with a blog post written by their daughter, Hadley. Framed around their dog, Roxy, the post describes the pros/cons of getting a second dog, cleverly comparing saving money to saving another dog (smart play, Hadley). We imagine this will be a hard decision for Karl and Heather, but we’re certainly excited to see what they do. Keep us updated! During the holidays, Karl and Heather showed off their creativity in making Christmas décor out of nothing. These are some of our favorite posts in Project Money, as they showcase the tricks ANYONE can do with a little thought and creativity. To finish their final month of Project Money, Karl and Heather offered three main learnings from their Project Money journey, which are pretty darn inspiring: financial confidence, personal confidence and mental and physical well-being. Congratulations on a great season, Karl and Heather!

Moriah & Terrance
One unique thing about this year’s cohort is the fact that Moriah and Terrance own a second home, which certainly brings its own set of learnings. Whereas Moriah was initially reluctant to keep the second home, Terrance insisted that it could serve as an additional source of income, which would certainly help with their newborn, Daylen, now in the picture. Speaking of homeownership, Moriah and Terrance showed their mastery of winterizing the home this month (something that applies to all of us!). The best part? Turns out it’s fairly simple! They even found a $3 winterizing kit at Habitat ReStore (yes, it’s already on our list to pick one up). Finally, Moriah and Terrance also shared crucial tips from their Project Money journey: money is intimidating, money is personal and remember to adjust your budget. DEFINITELY try to readthat one. Awesome job this year, Moriah and Terrance!

Venus & Madison
The highlight for Venus this month HAS to be the fact that she was able to pay off all of her credit cards(!). Using our now-favorite mantra of “believe and you will achieve,” Venus was able to conquer a goal that’s been at the top of her list since the beginning of the program. Not only is Venus feeling ultra-inspired by the win, but she’s realizing it opens her up to endless opportunities like improved credit to win loans for her business. Now she can also concentrate on paying back her student loans. GREAT job, Venus! Elsewhere, Venus had a very thoughtful entry about holiday spending as a single mother, which many of you may relate to and find inspiring in itself.

There you have it, everyone. Be sure to come back to the Money Smarts blog next month as we announce this year’s results!