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Females & Finances: Laneice McGee

laneice mcgee

In our Females & Finances series, inspirational women leaders from Madison and Milwaukee share their words of wisdom for women who are trying to manage their finances and own it in their everyday lives. Know someone who has a great story to share? Send nominations to

This month, learn how motivational speaker and human resources professional Laneice McGee has embraced an attitude of lifelong learning to achieve her goals.

  • What does “Owning It” mean to you? 

It means giving yourself permission to shine. I worked hard for it, I have learned from it, and I grew with it! Whatever I say I AM, I own that! I AM: Unique, Inspiring, Successful, Authentic. No one can take away MY experience, MY truth, MY voice in whatever I own! Accept your journey, embracing it fully with both the ups and the downs. When you own something, you are accountable to it, so make sure that you have set strategies to achieve your goals.

  • Tell us about your personal and professional journey and how you got where you are today.

I did not always OWN IT! There was a time when I was unsure of myself and doubt was the driving force behind my decisions. However, by surrounding myself with positive mentors, my personal faith, my family and friends, they all helped to shape & reinforce my skills and abilities to accomplish whatever I pursued with true passion and conviction.  Additionally, I received my Bachelor's degree from Fisk University and Master's Degree from Springfield College. 

So, getting "HERE" was a process and getting "THERE" is a continual journey. I am very proud of my accomplishments, but I am not only a Leader, I am also a follower. I am not only a teacher, I am also a student.

  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learned about finances?

That what you don’t know can cost you! I know from multiple experiences! If you don't learn, Life will continue to give you the lessons.  So, have a budget, have a plan, know your spending habits and adjust when you need to. Stay on top of your credit, ask questions and seek answers. Finally, don’t be afraid to start over; it can be a beautiful experience when you have the tools you need to succeed.

  • What resources/strategies help you manage your money?

I attended classes. Most banks/credit unions offer them. Also, I am no longer ashamed to ask questions from those that I know could supply the answer. I look for opportunities to grow in my knowledge of finance, and "When the student is ready – the teacher appears" -Quote/Proverb

  • If you could have dinner with one person (past or present), who would you choose, and why?

Whitney Houston! Hands down one of my favorite artist of all time, and I never had the opportunity to see her perform in person. We would have a great dinner and conversation, but it would be in a Karaoke club. I would sing with her and just have FUN! 

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