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You can save more and we’ve got something that can help: Summit’s Money Minder.

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Saving money is one of those things that most of us plan to get around to. But then, life happens and before you know it another month has gone by and the balance in your savings account hasn’t gone up while the balance on your credit card has.

Don’t give yourself a hard time. And don’t give up. Instead, make this one important change: Start using Money Minder.

Just what is Money Minder?
Money Minder is Summit’s free online personal financial management tool that lets you track how you’re spending and saving your money.

You can use Money Minder to do all this:

  • Create a budget. Choose your spending categories and specify how much you want to spend in each one, each month.
  • Monitor your spending. It’s really easy to lose track of your spending — especially those little things like coffees and lunches out that can add up fast and put a real dent in your finances. Money Minder uses handy color-coded graphics that quickly convey whether you’re good to go — or near spending limit.
  • Set goals. Money Minder lets you pick the goals that matter to you and even helps you figure out how to make them happen.
  • Get alerts. Don’t forget to pay a bill or accidentally overdraw your account. Money Minder’s transaction alerts help keep you on track.

Why do you need what Money Minder has to offer?
Because having information at your fingertips can help you make informed decisions and change your behavior.

We’ve proven this over the last nine seasons of our Project Money program where contestants are challenged to transform their finances over a 7 month period by building a solid budget and working to increase their savings and decrease their debt.  One of the most powerful steps they start with to get their money lives in order: tracking their spending and knowing where every penny is going.

Money Minder offers the added benefit of tracking spending in real time through our mobile app and on your hand held device, giving you the information you need right now to make informed choices before making purchases or other financial decisions.

In short, Money Minder gives you the info you need to make better decisions!

Want to get started with Money Minder? Sign up for our webinar on February 7.
We don’t want you to think Money Minder is hard to use and that you have to attend our webinar to learn how.

Because, honestly, it’s really easy and you can do it yourself, no problem. Go ahead and check out Money Minder.

But if you’d like a little help — or would be more likely to make the leap if you put this on your calendar — sign up for our webinar.

Want to hear from a fellow Summit member (and Project Money participant!) about the difference Money Minder made for them? Check out Money Minder 101.