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Back to former Commerce customer info and updates

you asked. we answered. get important details below:


What’s different about Summit being a credit union instead of a bank?

As a financial cooperative, Summit is owned by our members (which now includes you!). That means a portion of our profits goes back to you and our other members in the form of lower fees, better rates and even an annual cash give-back. There are great things ahead for your financial, and overall, wellness!

Why did I get a $5 membership credit in savings on October 1?

The first step to becoming a Summit member is having a Primary Savings account with $5. This one-time deposit is yours and remains on hold throughout your membership, keeping all your Summit benefits coming for a lifetime. And we're covering it for you! If you already had a savings account, we credited that account $5. And if you didn’t, we opened a savings account for you and added the first $5.

How will things be at Summit?

Summit’s culture is a great fit with what you already loved about the former Commerce – including the employees, who are now a valuable part of our Summit team. You can trust us to help you reach any goal (let’s talk!), plus build wealth and greater financial security and confidence. We’re also actively creating stronger communities. Summit has won several “Best of” awards because our members’ best interests always come first! Get to know us.

When will I be getting information on converting my personal accounts to Summit?

Watch for an info packet in early March 2023 with everything you need to know about changes to your personal accounts as of April 1, 2023. There’s nothing you need to do right now! But if you’d like more information or have questions before you get your packet in the mail, we’re here to help. Just reach out to your local former Commerce branch in Cedarburg, Elm Grove, Sheboygan or West Bend.

When will I be getting information on moving my business accounts to Summit?

If you’re a former Commerce client with business accounts, you should’ve already received an info packet in September about changes to those accounts that took effect October 1. Let us know if you did not receive that packet by calling one of your former Commerce locations.

Will I get new checks?

The answer depends on whether you have former Commerce business or personal checking:

  • Business checking – Your business checks and account numbers aren’t changing. Keep using the same checks and debit cards you use now.
  • Personal checking – For now, you’ll keep using the same checks and debit cards you already have. But as we get closer to April 1, 2023, we’ll be sending a box of Summit Credit Union checks (free!) to anyone with former Commerce personal checking. Watch your mail in March for all the details.
Is my debit card going to work?

Yes! For now, go ahead and keep using the same debit card you have, just as you do today. If you run into any issues with your debit card, visit your local former Commerce branch in Cedarburg, Elm Grove, Sheboygan or West Bend and we’ll be happy to help you.

Does Summit offer a free debit card?

We do offer four checking account options with a free debit card – including our Balance Account and Student Free Checking that also have no overdraft fees! Check out all of our checking account options here.

When can I start using Summit branches?

For now, please keep using any of the four former Commerce branches (in Cedarburg, Elm Grove, Sheboygan and West Bend). You’ll ultimately have access to all Summit branches, so watch for updates on this. Want access now to all Summit branches and your membership advantages – including the many stress-free mortgage and home equity loan options we can offer as the #1 Mortgage Lender in Wisconsin? Just schedule an appointment at any former Commerce branch below and we can help you convert your personal accounts sooner.

Cedarburg Office

Elm Grove Office

Sheboygan Office

West Bend Office


Will the former Commerce branches be remodeled?

Former Commerce branches will look the same except all signs inside and outside the buildings will now say Summit Credit Union.

Will there be Saturday hours at former Commerce branches?

No changes in hours are planned right now for the former Commerce locations. Remember, you’re welcome to schedule an appointment  to convert your personal accounts early if you want access now to all Summit branches (which do offer Saturday hours!), as well as additional membership advantages.

Will any of the former Commerce branches get an ATM?

While there are no current plans for ATMs at the former Commerce branches, it’s certainly a possibility in the future! Plus, you’ll ultimately have access to all other Summit branches and their ATMs in early 2023. If you want access sooner, schedule an appointment and we can help you convert your personal accounts now. As a member, you’ll love our network of nearly 5,000 surcharge-free ATMs!

Will I have to set up new passwords for Summit’s online banking?

Not right now. Just keep using the same login credentials you used with your former Commerce online banking – but note that you'll now log in at We’ll update you with more information before we move your personal accounts to Summit in early 2023. We’ll be here with you every step of the way and answer all your questions.

What should I do about my monthly online transfers or automatic payments?

We want to make banking easy for you! For now, keep making payments the way you always have. We’ll share more information in early 2023 before we convert your personal accounts, and we’ll be here to help you through the process.

Will anything change on my certificates of deposit?

Any certificates of deposit you have will stay at the same rate and maturity date they are now. There’s just one difference, and it’s a good one! Instead of waiting all year for an annual interest payment, you’ll be getting monthly interest payments starting September 30 – which results in added savings for you and your goals. Even if you’ve already been paid interest in September, you’ll still get another payment on September 30. Your monthly interest will get paid out however you already have it set up, whether that’s by check, account transfer or a deposit back into your certificate.

Will my loans change under Summit Credit Union?

The only change is that starting October 1, you’ll need to update your payee in bill pay to Summit Credit Union (even if you’re making a loan payment from a checking account at another financial institution). Otherwise, everything about your loan will be the same as it is today – your terms, your rate and your payment. You’ll just have even more people on your side to help you!

Will I still get to work with my former Commerce mortgage and business loan officer?

Yes! Former Commerce employees are part of the Summit team, so those familiar faces and connections you count on now are still available to help guide you through every step of your loan experience.

For my mortgage/loan payment, do I need to pay Summit instead?

Starting October 1, you’ll make your check payable to Summit Credit Union and update your payee in bill pay to Summit Credit Union (even if you’re making a loan payment from a checking account at another financial institution). But everything else stays the same – including your account and the address where you send your payment. If you have a former Commerce mortgage, you should’ve gotten written notice of this mortgage payment information in mid-September (so if you didn’t, reach out to a former Commerce location with questions).

How will my account statements be affected?

You’ll keep on getting statements and other account notices like you usually do. They’ll just start to look a little different, with the Summit Credit Union name and logo.