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member rewards program
Recognizing members who help build our cooperative value by using multiple Summit services.



Summit's rewards program

Oodles is Summit’s member rewards program that recognizes members who help build our cooperative value by using multiple Summit services. Oodles is our way of saying thank you.

When you qualify for Oodles, you’ll get two awesome cards and access to our new exclusive Oodles app. That means oodles of value for you!

Your Oodles membership includes these great perks:

  • Oodles more savings – with instant access to over 50 local merchants
  • Never miss a deal – sign-up for mobile alerts to be notified any time you’re near an Oodles perk
  • Occasional discounts and offers for Summit loan or deposit products
  • Automatic entry into special Oodles random prize drawings
  • Exclusive offers for free Summit swag (gear & giveaways)

It’s easy to qualify for savings from some of the area’s best restaurants, stores, gyms and more. Review the official rules below to learn more.

You don’t have to do a thing except check out the Oodles app and watch your emails for monthly emails featuring different offers. Carry the card or show the app and get oodles of savings and free gifts. It’s simple. It’s free. It’s oodles of fun.

Check out all of the exclusive savings Oodles offers here. 


Additional exclusive offers

Check out all of the exclusive savings and additional Oodles offers here. Don't forget to download the Oodles app for access to all of our Oodles offers anywhere and anytime! 




Oodles App FAQ

Where can I download the app?

You can search for “Oodles” in the iTunes App store or Google Play store to download the app for free. It can also be downloaded from the microsite,

Do I have to create an account?

Yes. You must create an account to access perks online or in the app.

Your account will allow you to save notification settings and save perks as “Favorites”. That way, you will have the same experience every time you log in, whether from your phone or online.

How do I get perks just for being a Summit Credit Union Oodles Member?

When you download the app and create an account, the Oodles perks are automatically added. If your alert preferences are on, you will receive a notification when you are near a store that gives you a discount. Simply show the perk to your cashier or server, along with your Summit Credit Union Debit or Credit card to show that you are a member, and they will give you your discount!

I don’t have an iPhone or Android phone, can I use this?

Sure, our website at lets you do almost everything you can do in the mobile app.

I didn’t realize I was going to be receiving alerts on my phone. How does that work?

Through GPS technology, Larky provides alert notifications of your benefits at the right time and place. You’ll find that these are provided when you’re in close proximity to that merchant.

How do I redeem a perk or benefit?

Redemption is quick, easy and can be achieved in a few different ways. Once you receive your alert notification for “nearby perks”, select the perk you would like to use and there will be a “Get It Now” option at the bottom of that screen. Tap the “Get It Now” button to see the benefit detail and the redemption process (show membership card via iPhone, verbal, use discount code).

What do I do if a merchant fails to honor a perk?

Larky and Summit Credit Union work hard to ensure participating business’s staff is trained to give our members the discounts they deserve!

If you encounter any issues, please contact Larky at From the Redeem page of each perk, you can also click the “Did this work?” button and scroll down to select “Merchant Refused”.

Do I have the option to customize my alert preferences (turn on / off)?

Absolutely. For each perk you have the option to turn it on or off. We find that some users quickly learn the perks available given the frequency of going to the same location. If you have it memorized or simply know you probably won’t be using a certain perk, please use your freedoms and turn that notification off.

How do I delete a membership?

To delete a membership, go to the ‘My Memberships’ page (tap on the signpost in the upper left side of ‘All Perks’ page). Next, hold your finger on the membership you want to delete for a few seconds. An ‘X’ will appear on that membership. Tap on the ‘X’ and you’ll see a confirmation message to make sure you want to delete that membership.

What is Larky?

The Larky website, mobile app, and GPS technology enables you to receive alerts on your smart phone to make sure you never miss a discount. It provides one location for all your memberships (BCBS, AARP, CVS, Walgreen’s, Kroger, Costco, Alumni Associations, etc.) allowing you easy access to view the perks currently available to you.

How are Larky and Summit Credit Union working together?

Larky has developed awesome perks created specifically for Summit Credit Union members to use where they live, work, and play. The partnership will help Summit Credit Union members save at local merchants while providing them added value given their relationship with Summit Credit Union.

What’s the best way to contact someone on the Larky team if I have question?

We have multiple channels for customer and user support. You can contact our team in Ann Arbor, Michigan through our website (, mobile app or by phone at 415.952.7598 (415.95Larky). We will respond within 1 business day but aim for much faster than that.

Official Rules