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with a Summit Personal Teller

Experience a new way to connect with Summit for your everyday banking.

You'll continue to enjoy the same great service whether visiting the branch or in your car. And, we'll continue to help you with your everyday transactions, like:

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Loan payments
  • Cashing checks
  • Transffering money between accounts
  • Checking account balances
  • And more!

Ready to check out Summit's Personal Teller Machine?
Check out the video below. 

Personal Teller Machines are available at the following Summit locations:

Personal Teller Machine FAQs

Why are we using PTMs?

PTMs give you another resource to help you with your everyday banking. They allow us to ensure more employees are available to help you when you need us. Using PTMs, we can help members at multiple locations, which lowers costs for the credit union and allows us to give back more to our members.

How do I begin using PTMs?

It’s Simple. Just touch the screen and we’ll guide you through your transaction, step-by-step.

Will this be available at every Summit branch?

PTMs are currently only available at our selected branches above.

Are you replacing your employees?

No. Employees are not leaving Summit and will continue to serve you at one of our Summit locations.

Where are the PTM Tellers located?

At Summit offices right here in Wisconsin.

Can you still help me with questions or changes to my account?

Of course. Most changes to your account can be completed with a Summit employee. In some cases, where we’re not able to help you through our PTMs, our branch staff will be able to assist you within the branch.

Can a PTM dispense coins?

Yes. Our PTMs can dispense up to $0.99 in coins; however, no rolled coins can be dispensed through the PTM. If you need rolled coins, just ask our staff at the Member Service Desk.

Are cashier’s checks available through PTMs?

Yes. Cashier’s checks are available at PTMs located in our branch lobbies.

How will my transactions appear on my statement?

Transactions completed through the Personal Teller Machine will be noted in the transaction description. Here’s an example:

Withdrawal Kiosk..........................$10.00
[XXPTM] PTM cash withdrawal
Deposit Kiosk..................................$15.00
[XXPTM] PTM cash share deposit

Are PTMs secure?

Yes. Keeping your financial information safe and secure is one of our most important jobs. Using a PTM is as secure as working with a teller in the branch. You even have multiple options to set your preferred volume, use headphones, text chatting or the attached phone for added privacy when connecting with Summit staff.

When are PTMs available?

Hours will vary by location. Please visit our locations page for branch hours.