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how to be your own personal trainer

Did you know you can get the benefits of hiring a personal trainer without the cost? How, you ask? When you hire yourself to do the job, of course! After all, who better to drive you to your fitness goals than, well… you? Try the following steps and jog past the gym fees this summer:

Destination: Fitness. You’ll get somewhere if you start driving without a map, but it’s better to know where you want to go first. Looking to lose weight? Build stamina? Develop rock-hard abs? Be as specific as you can, and write it down. Once you have a final goal or destination in mind, the journey there will be much more direct and goal-oriented, as you’ll know the payoff in the end!

Work out your workout. Running a half-marathon is a worthwhile goal, but you’re not going to get there after your first jog around the block. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. Avoid frustration by setting smaller, more attainable goals – like running 1.5 miles straight. And don’t get discouraged if results aren’t immediate. Do a quick search online, and you’ll find several sites that have free tools to help you design a customized workout plan to meet specific goals. Even professional trainers get tips and tools elsewhere, so why can’t you?

It’s all about you. It’s tough to write things down and work hard at something every single day. Even though it might be challenging at first, every day gets a little easier. But no matter how you approach it, at the end of the day it’s up to you to reach your goals. Help yourself by tracking what you eat, recording your workouts or hanging a “before” picture in a prominent place as a reminder. And when it comes to exercising, make time, not excuses. There’s a popular quote, “No one ever feels bad about themselves after exercising.” That’s probably pretty true.

Treat yourself. For real. Use positive reinforcement to keep yourself on track, like buying a new outfit when you’ve lost that first ten pounds. Rewarding your accomplishments is far better than beating yourself up for failures. And you can cheat every now and then! Nothing is fun if you drive yourself crazy with lofty expectations of perfection. Try to follow the 80-percent method: Work out, eat healthy and stay on task about 80 percent of the time. On the flip side, do whatever you want and eat whatever you want about 20 percent of the time. It might not sound like a lot, but it will make a huge difference.

There you have it, smart spenders. Use those tips to jog past some gym fees this summer on your way to adding Personal Trainer to your resume!