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Megan and Scott's Journey:


Couponing 102Welcome back to a continuation of our blog from last week on couponing! Couponing has so many layers – don’t feel lost because you have to start somewhere! This week, we will maintain the grocery store couponing trend, which likely crosses over to some of your other favorite stores. If there is one thing that I learned that is probably the most backward-sounding advice for couponing, it’s “buy what’s on sale, not what you currently need.” DISCLAIMER: this is meant to address non-perishable foods, cleaning products, and hygiene products!

Scott thought I was absolutely nuts when I introduced this concept to him. Think of it this way – would you rather wait to buy deodorant you need right when you’re out – when it may or may not be on sale, or get it when you know it’s on sale? Deodorant can cost upwards of $5 depending on the brand and type you prefer, but with the right deals and coupons, we’ve gotten our favorite deodorants for $1-2!

How about your favorite soup, cereal or cleaning products? It’s the same idea! Retail prices are high, so if you have the storage space, we highly encourage you to follow this concept! We acknowledge that with limited space wherever you live, this could get tricky. We luckily inherited an old refrigerator/freezer a year or so ago, so we are able to cool sodas and other beverages and freeze meats without overwhelming the fridge in our kitchen!

So, use the resources listed in our blog last week. In addition, check your weekly ads. Stack store sales with store rewards cards and [double] coupons! Reorganize your cabinets and refrigerator/freezer to make room for multiple items because you WILL save more buying 3-5 items (more than you think as compared to buying one large bulk package at those bulk stores)! We buy meats when there on super sale (near their expiration date) and we can freeze the meat right away and use later! IT’S A NO BRAINER! A few examples of how we’ve built up a stockpile in our home over the years are shown in photos. I can certainly say in all the items shown that we’ve saved 50%+ (some came out free!!) using the steps we’ve been outlining.

Meat: the package of organic meat was under $7. We paid a little over $1 with the sale sticker and 5% store card discount!

Sodas: usually priced anywhere from $3.99-$5.99 at grocery stores/gas stations. The best prices we’ve ever seen are $2.50 per 12-pack. That’s when we stock up so we’re ready to entertain! – Check your ads because this deal is happening now!

Hygiene/cleaning products: same idea, but research expiration dates as these items don’t have a long shelf life!

We hope these photos inspire you to coupon! We’re still working on finding ways to do the “extreme couponing” as seen on TV. We will be sure to let you know how and when that happens!

Peace, Love, and Stockpiles,

Megan and Scott


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