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Join our participants as they reduce debt and increase savings with the help of Summit financial coaches.

Jenniffer's Journey:

Creature of Habit

I like things done a certain way, and I have my groove. If there was a sign that says, “There’s a place for everything, and everything has a place”, I’d hang it on my living room wall. And it would be in that exact spot until I moved into a new house. And then it would have its place on a new wall. Forever. 

There are a short list of some things that I like to eat and drink just about every day. For example, I’ve been buying the same drink at the same coffeehouse at around the same time of the day for a long time. Like double digit years. I think you get the point:  I’m a bit of a creature of habit. 

My finances are – WERE – no different. I have – HAD – a routine for paying bills and “documenting” my so called budget. I also HAD a habit of spending and no habit for saving. And I WAS a member of my financial institution for over 15 years. After 2 months of Project Money, I’ve changed my routine for paying bills, I’ve changed how I keep track of my spending (and saving), and I’ve changed – rather, I’m still in the process of changing – my spending habits. And then, this last week, I made one more change: I closed out my accounts at my previous financial institution. OK, full disclosure, I closed all but one account. Let’s not get crazy. But it was a big change for me nonetheless.

Surprisingly, changing financial institutions was not as hard as I thought it would be. But, I didn’t do it alone (thanks Coach Melanie!). And I didn’t do it all at once. I opened up Summit accounts at the beginning of Project Money and set up a routine for spending and saving with those accounts. I slowly transitioned paying my bills and setting up savings from my previous financial institution to the Summit accounts. There’s a reason why Project Money is 9 months long. It takes time for a change to become a habit.    

So here’s this week’s financial fun fact:  Embrace change. Not like trying a tall, decaf, raspberry, non-fat, no whip, no foam WHITE mocha instead of a regular mocha. Like out of your comfort zone, fish out of water kind of change. It might not be easy, you might need to ask for help, and it probably won’t happen overnight. But when it comes to your finances and your money mindset, sometimes change is worth every penny. Literally.

I’m still pretty much a creature of habit.  In some ways, I will probably always be that way. But in other ways – like in my money habits – I will continue to embrace change, as hard as it may be, and reap the benefits. Your turn….what money habits can you change?


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