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Venus' Journey:

The ego of spending

Around the holidays (Christmas mostly) I notice how money comes in forms of our own ego. When I refer to ego, I’m talking about an expanded version of ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a big ego, I think it’s pretty healthy actually. Having a big ego is what helps many very successful people succeed. They operate from a bigger version of who they currently are, therefore that become that. In that form, an ego help us create a better reality which is great. However, the ego of spending gets us in major trouble something around the holidays spending more than what we intend to or have the budget for.

I believe the parents get it the worst, I caught myself when buying for my daughter (not so much for others), that if I spent more money that I would prove myself to be a better mom. I am really focused this year with budgeting and putting more money in my savings, and spending for Christmas was very limited. I found some GREAT purposeful GIFTS that were cheap and helped keep my budget. However,  I felt myself thinking maybe my daughter won’t think I love her if I don’t spend lots of money on her, I starting looking for more gifts to make myself feel better, but then…I started to picture my child, and I know how much she just loves receiving gifts no matter what it is. I’m lucky I have an amazing, giving, kind daughter who appreciates the small things. This year I didn’t let my ego get the best of me.


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