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who Will win $10,000?
Join our participants as they reduce debt and increase savings with the help of Summit financial coaches.

Karl and Heather's Journey:

Face the Changes

For our family, change is the predominant theme of Project Money. Some examples of positive changes include creating and sticking to our monthly budget, making new choices on where/how to shop and keeping our lines of communication about money open and honest. We've also put off making certain changes that do not align with our goals: buying a new home computer, re-painting the house, and taking an expensive vacation. In all of these change scenarios, we have control over what we do and don't do, which makes us feel empowered and comforted.  However, we have recently discovered that change can have a mind of its own.

During the 7 months of Project Money, life-changing events are not encouraged, but also cannot be avoided. In our case, change came knocking in the form of my job. Unlike my mother who spent her entire career with one company, I have gone through the highs & lows of making career changes and it's hard. Sharing the experience with the public, our financial coach and our families has made it fairly gut-wrenching. Here are the main highlights of how we are facing and managing this change:

  • Coach Laura asked us one question, "what's your plan?" In an earlier blog we discussed setting up an emergency savings account, so using funds from that was our first option. We also pledged that we'd do whatever it takes to not incur credit card debt if we exhausted our savings. Lastly, we acknowledged/accepted that removing our daughters from ice skating and pottery activities were now real possibilities.
  • What to tell our families? Also in an earlier blog we discussed our up-bringing of never talking about jobs & income w/family and friends and how to change this mindset. Heather took the lead on communication to our families/friends and I eventually followed suit. Surprisingly, talking about it actually made us both feel less stressed and the positive energy we received from those we told really gave us a lift. Our daughter Hadley said it best, "I hope you find something you like and have fun doing it." Smart kiddo!
  • How will this impact our Project Money journey? We vowed to ourselves and to Summit that we'd share the good, bad and the ugly of our experiences through our blogs, videos and NBC15 interviews. If you know me, you know that talking about my job/career with strangers has always been taboo (yes, I often reply 'I am a pirate' when questioned at social events), so putting it out there is a huge step for me.

In the spirit of saving the best for the last, we are elated to share that I begin my new job in early September! We are working through the new challenges of finding me transportation and how our upcoming back to school routine will be impacted, but our future is once again shining bright. 


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