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who Will win $10,000?
Join our participants as they reduce debt and increase savings with the help of Summit financial coaches.

Moriah and Terrance's Journey:

Financial Check-Up

When we started Project Money the first thing Coach Rachel had us do was to save all our receipts for one month. Every. Single. Receipt. Why? 

I'll use the example of running. I like to run, well really more of a jog and definitely pre-Daylen days more so than now. Anyways, I would go for a run and come home convinced that I ran a certain distance based on how I felt and how long I was gone. Enter the Fitbit. Now I had something to track my time and distance.......I was absolutely shocked to learn that the 5 mile run I did was really only shy of 4 miles. The 9 minute mile I ran was really 11 minutes. 

Last week at our meeting with Coach Rachel we did it again. We took all our checking and credit card statements and separated our spending into categories. At first I wondered why? We had done this with our receipts 3 months ago, we saw how much we spent and where, and had made a game plan/budget then. How was this going to help us? I thought coaching was about learning something new each month. Or the big secret to how people REALLY pay off debt and save money. 

Because we needed a financial check-up. You go to the DR for a yearly physical, not because you’re sick but to make sure you are on track. 

Once again we had visual proof of how we spent and where it was going. And once again we needed to make adjustments to budgets and areas we thought we were doing fine in. 

So thank you Coach Rachel for helping us see that to be financially healthy you have to continually check yourself. It's not a yearly check or even every 6 months, if you want to be serious about reducing debt and saving money you have to have regularly scheduled financial checkups. 


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