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Venus' Journey:

Finding Joy Outside of Money

It has been very interesting being in the Project Money with my daughter. It has now been a consistent conversation, talking about if we should spend money on this or are we making money. Madison’s perception of it all is that was are going to be rich. That starts to open an honest conversation about money and our personal relationship to money.

I started asking Madison the question if we are “rich” or if you could have any and everything you want, how would that make you feel? Madison, “I would be happy!” Me, “So having things make you happy?” Madison, “Yes!” Me, “What if you had everything and all the money you want but couldn’t see your mom and dad or friends that often. Would you be happy?” Madison, “Kind of, maybe I would be distracted with all the stuff and don’t think about them.”  Me, “Remember Elsa in Frozen, how she was in the castle and had no friends, was she happy?”  Madison, “No she wasn’t.”  Me, “So does money and things make you happy?” Madison, “Yes.”  Me, “Be serious.” Madison, “People make me 99.9% happy and things make me 80 something percent happy.” 

I understand Madison’s perceptive as kids wanting things, however as an adult I have realized money make things a lot easier, but it doesn’t make me happy. I know I desire to make my child happy, I desire for her to find joy in building an honest relationship with herself, ours and also with money. I feel like this will be a conversation we will have for a while now. Not allowing money to be her driving factor of life because life is so much richer when you have meaningful relationships with yourself and with other people.


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