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Megan and Scott's Journey:


Have you ever been guilty of forgoing a doctor’s visit or obtaining lab work due to being pinched financially? It’s so awful to feel limited in how and when you are willing to seek out medical care due to feeling overwhelmed with your finances!! For those people who have health needs – all of us, right? – finding and utilizing (through your employer or otherwise) a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) is SO important! See Summit’s HSA opportunities so that you can take hold of your health (medical AND financial) with less worry and learn why an HSA is so awesome!

As someone who has Type I Diabetes, I (Megan) have been maxing out my annual HSA contributions since I completed my work orientation! Month-to-month, I completely deflate my HSA account based on purchasing durable medical equipment/supplies, prescriptions, and office/lab visits. I utilize durable medical equipment (DME), i.e. an insulin pump and other “meters,” to provide me with the daily dosage of medicine I need and for reading the levels of sugar in my blood. I haven’t purchased a new medical device in over five years, but now I’m ready to try something new as I have been putting so many things in life ahead of my own health – WORK, family members, friends, your house, pets, etc. (There’s got to be readers out there that can relate!).

Feeling overdue in wanting to order a continuous glucose monitor, I’m finally “ready” (financially and emotionally!) to take the plunge for the $1,000+ item, with hundreds of dollars of costs monthly for supplies. Now, amongst coordinating emails and phone calls with my insurance carrier, HSA provider, the manufacturer of the device, and the third party distributor for the device… I have to make the decision and calculate how and when to purchase this item. Before the end of the calendar year? After the New Year? Maybe I’ll reach my deductible sooner if I purchase in January 2019? I’m going to bite the bullet and purchase using our rainy day fund and worry about getting reimbursed from my HSA later – it’ll be worth it to have a better balance in my health!

I wanted to point out one other thing: treat your medical bills like receipts at a restaurant! Look at every line item and ask questions if you’re not sure what it is that was performed and why it was important. I say this because after a few endocrine visits, I learned that the medical care team was charging $28 at every visit to check my blood sugar levels – that’s something I do 3-4 times a day on my own and it equates to just a few dollars! When I go now I tell them I’m happy to check in front of them but I otherwise respectfully decline.

I hope this inspires a few people out there to remember to take care of YOU!

Peace, love, and stable blood sugar levels,

Scott + Megan


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