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Moriah and Terrance's Journey:

Lesson Learned

Hello project Money Family! This is Terrance writing on behalf of my family today. This week I learned a valuable lesson in spending mentality that I thought I'd share.

So on Monday we discovered that our washer was not spinning. Pretty much, at least to my eyes, it was broken. So what I do? I start looking for an upgrade!! Honestly, I can't wait for things to break. Because I love buying new shiny things. Especially tech and appliances. I once bought a new TV when I thought my other 2 year old TV was broken..........the master switch was turned off. Hey! But now we have a guest room TV! Anyway, Moriah and I both took to the internet, but for different reasons. Me, I'm looking for good deals on new washers. But Moriah is on websites and YouTube diagnosing the problem and looking for a fix. My solution would cost at least $400 with no interest for 6 months, hers $4.93 and a little elbow grease. The result? Well, let's just say that that washer spins and we didn't create any new debt.

The lesson I learned here is that it's not just spending habits that we need to manage, it's also one’s spending mentality that needs adjusting at times. Don't get me wrong, I will always WANT new and shiny. But I certainly don't NEED to jump to that solution every time the opportunity seems to present itself.

By the way, we are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary this week, so I'd like to give my wife this present in front of all of you.

Moriah, you were right. :)


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