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Join our participants as they reduce debt and increase savings with the help of Summit financial coaches.

Moriah and Terrance's Journey:

Money Minder= Amazing!!

So let's talk Money Minder! If you don't know what it is, I strongly suggest you investigate it as soon as you're done reading this blog! We are just going to share some of our experience with Money Minder and how it's helped us on the road to achieve a happy "money marriage"!

First, what is it? Well, in a nutshell it's a program available to all Summit members that allows you to see virtually all of your general financial accounts, credit cards, loans, etc. – all in one place. Not only that, it can also be used to set up and track financial goals, manage cash flow, and budget for various life expenses. And we have used many of these tools to help us stay on financial track since beginning this process. We'll discuss two of our favorite features with you.

The first is how we can see all of our accounts from various places in one spot. One of our main problems is that we held our primary accounts at two different places. This always caused problems because we never really knew how much money we had to work with truly. This usually led to overspending from one account and leaving one of us feeling like we never had any money. Now that we can see everything from Money Minder, we can function as if we have one account. It really took away the yours and mine and made it ours. Since we started using Money Minder, we have had few disagreements over money.

The second is the budget feature. One of the first things we did was set budgets for groceries, entertainment, gas, and some other things we first had it using my reminder. And by using this feature we learn real quickly that we don't know how to budget! This was an invaluable tool for us to learn truly how much we are spending on unnecessary things and how much we should allocate for necessary things. Now it's like a game trying to stay within budget. And it feels great when we succeed!

Honestly, we could go on and on about Money Minder. But the best thing that we can do is recommend that all of you check out my reminder for yourselves! If you have similar financial worries in situations as we do, we have no doubt that it will be an invaluable tool to help you chief financial peace. But really, don't take our word for it! Check it out for yourself! It is free after all!


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