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who Will win $10,000?
Join our participants as they reduce debt and increase savings with the help of Summit financial coaches.

Jenniffer's Journey:

Oh What a Ride This Has Been

If you have been reading my blog posts – or even if you only read my first blog – then you remember how I shared my pre-Project Money financial roller coaster ride. The ups and downs, round and rounds of my financial life, riding it out screaming loudly with my eyes closed tight while Ashley, in her free spirit, has her eyes open, smiling and laughing. For my final Project Money blog, I’ll take you on our Project Money ride. Don’t worry, it’s far less scary than the pre-Project Money roller coaster I’ve now affectionately referred to as The Kraken of Cash.

As we strap in for our ride, we have a third person sitting in between Ashley and me – Coach Melanie. Melanie turns to us both (but mostly me since Ashley is along for the ride because I told her to), and says, “Let’s do this”. And so, the coaster begins to move, slowly inching up the really big incline, and I have butterflies in my stomach as we near the crest of the first peak. A little bit of fear of the unknown of this Project Money thing, a little bit of excitement for what’s to come. Except this peak seems to be a lot longer and higher than the peaks on The Kraken of Cash. I only see some of what is ahead of us, and Melanie says, “You got this”.

And so up we go. And up and up and up. Climbing the Project Money hill together. I can’t see the end, but I know it’s somewhere. At least that’s what I was told when I signed on for this ride. As we go up the Project Money hill, I’m making some changes – thanks to Coach Melanie – in anticipation of what might lie ahead. So, when we go down that first hill, we are prepared. In Project Money speak, I started saving money so when I got that unexpected expense, it wasn’t such a hit to my budget. And when we go through the loop the loops, I’m embracing them now, with my eyes wide open, smiling instead of holding on for dear life, all because throughout the Project Money ride, my money mindset has gone through a complete change. For the better.

Throughout this Project Money roller coaster, I’ve shared our experiences on social media, through NBC15 interviews and here. And each week, I’ve shared a new financial fun fact that we have learned along the way. So, as we prepare to get off the Project Money ride and go back to our own financial roller coaster called Life, here is our final financial fun fact: making money changes is hard. Especially if you are a creature of habit like me. But, if you build solid financial roots and wings, your bad habits will fade, you will be able to weather whatever storm comes your way, and you can embrace those financial cheat days. 

This Project Money ride has been the ride of a lifetime. It hasn’t been easy, but we did it as a team. And while I have butterflies in my stomach as we leave this ride and head out on our own #TeamPrice ride, I know that from now on, I’ll be riding with my eyes wide open. 


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