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Join our participants as they reduce debt and increase savings with the help of Summit financial coaches.

Venus' Journey:

Pay yourself!

Two weeks ago I put some money in my savings account for my business savings account. That was easy! I took about 30 percent of an earned check and put it into my business savings and the rest in my business account. I believe putting money in my business account came so easily because I actually knew what I needed that money for, which is my business continual education fund. I have to update my personal training certification every two years, and learning how to grow my business requires continual personal and educational development training, which costs money. I know because I have paid handsomely for it before. It’s easier to achieve a goal if you know why you’re doing it and what it looks like and what the outcomes are. Behavior changes can be a scary thing, but the WHY should be your focus. I am focused on my why’s now.

So this week I paid myself, even though that was the first thing my coach told me to do. I know, I know it only took me 6 weeks to do it. Hey I’m ok with being a slow learner because when I learn something, I master it--so slow learners are the best. When I looked at paying myself, I had to first look at my business account and what my monthly business expenses were. I have never done this before! I always knew in my head that I should, but I hadn’t really sat down and wrote it all out. I made the decision to make my phone bill a business expense, which makes sense because I do everything for business on my phone. It also makes things much lighter for me on the personal side. I paid all of my business bills, and paid myself. I literally wrote the check out to myself. That really gave me a new perspective about things. It put me in a good space because I felt like a boss and an employee. This small step made me feel like I am in charge of myself and my business now, and that feels powerful. I realize that I should have been seeing myself as a boss a lot sooner. Paying myself made me feel validated for all the work that I do.

Before, I figured that by paying my bills, I was paying myself. It feels really great to be able to pay bills, especially because for a long while after starting my business I couldn’t pay my bills on time. I’m excited to be able to pay myself and my bills now! Validating yourself in business is important. It gives you more drive to want to do more. So, pay yourself, and don’t wait 4 years to do it like I did!


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