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Jeff and Sue's Journey:

Real Life Adventures…

You have heard the old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well folks, we are making lemonade this week! Let me explain…

The first part of the week was cool enough that we were able to take advantage of what we refer to as “free air conditioning.” We opened the windows and let some fresh air blow through the house (which was much needed after that last heat wave). When we saw that the heat and humidity levels were going to be returning later in the week, we decided to turn the air conditioner back on Wednesday night. It started up but it soon quit…at 10:30 pm it was 85 degrees in the house. We opened the windows and broke out an extra fan. In the morning, we placed a call to our HVAC technician and an appointment was confirmed for the following day (he was swamped with work). The repair was eventually made and though we haven’t seen the bill yet, it sounds like we may have dodged a bullet, since only a wire had to be replaced.

Saturday morning, I was getting ready to make my trip for groceries and other errands. I went out to start the vehicle and….NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…IT’S DEAD! Talk about frustrating! Here we are trying to save money, and LIFE happens! I ended up stealing Jeff’s car for the morning while he jumped on my bike to make it to a 9 am meeting. The battery is only two years old, so it could be the starter, the alternator, or possibly the ignition switch...none of which sound like an inexpensive fix. We are currently in a waiting period until we can have the vehicle looked at on Tuesday. So for the time being, we have charged the battery and gassed up the old moped that I will use for getting back and forth to work until we can find out what is wrong with my vehicle. On a positive note, it’s a good thing I work in town and we will be a little under on our gas budget this week! Let’s all hope for no rain!

As usual, these repairs were definitely not in our plans and can be exasperating, but being that we have been able to save money and stick to our budget, we believe we have these covered. The last two weeks, we were well under our weekly budget and we are already heading into this next week looking really good, too! This makes us feel awesome and we are accomplishing great things! Our son will be gone most of this next week, so that in itself will save on our groceries. We are looking forward to seeing how we finished for the month of July and if any changes or refinements need to be made in our budget, we are willing to make that happen. Here’s hoping for a small repair bill for my vehicle...our fingers are crossed.


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