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Becky and Steve's Journey:

Vacation Goal is Met!

At the end of June we were able to transfer $538 from our set budgets into savings! This allowed us to meet our first vacation goal a few weeks early and put almost $300 towards the next goal when we take Joey to college in August. I know I keep saying Summit's Climbr has changed our financial lives, but it truly has changed our habits already! When our daughter was coming home from China, she asked us if we could go straight out for pizza when we picked her up at the airport. Since that was on Monday, and she wasn’t coming home until Saturday, we made sure we did not go out to eat the entire week, knowing we would have to stretch that $31 for pizza at the end of the week. 

Being able to see exactly how much is left is awesome. Since we are sticking so strictly to a budget, we have been able to put an extra $400 per month towards our debt and pay it down faster. Now we are on track to eliminate one of our debts by the end of the year while still saving for the things we want to do together as a family. Our goal is to start with a clean slate in January and continue on the same path we are now by saving for vacations instead of putting them on credit and paying later. 


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