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Join our participants as they reduce debt and increase savings with the help of Summit financial coaches.

Karl and Heather's Journey:

Wasps in Your Wallet?

We hate wasps! Every spring and summer we put up our best defenses against the flying menaces, but somehow they still find ways to nest inside of our garage, fence posts and window sills. Our saving grace is late fall, when they go into hiding so we can live in peace for a few months. However, this fall it was different. Instead of surrendering to Mother Nature as usual, the little devils found a way to bamboozle us all.

No, we have not decided that from now on we will be blogging about reducing the insect population instead of reducing debt; but rather are going to use the little buggers to illustrate commonalities between wasps and debt:

  1. Things no one wants. There’s a reason ‘wasp houses’ do not exist. The last thing sane people want is to invite something that will hide in waiting to harm them. But that’s exactly what happens when we let debt infiltrate even the tiniest darkest corner of our well-being. Sure 90% of the time it is out of sight and out of mind, but deep-down we know it is there steadily expanding.
  2. Fighting the symptoms instead of the problem. We accept that just like all of our neighbors, wasps are something that will always find a way in. So we turn to investing in long-shot insecticides and targeting their aerial acrobats with the water hose, instead of crawling into the rafters and eliminating the hive. Making the minimum credit card payment each month is no different: we knock a few dollars off and feel better for the remainder of the month, but the root balance is still there compounding and growing.
  3. There’s always next year. Since there is nothing we can do about wasps throughout the winter, we sit back (relax) and devise mental aspirations for how we will be victorious come warmer weather. Yeah, the wasps are doing the exact same thing! Writing down ‘paying off debit’ as #4 on your New Year’s resolution list, without actually drawing up a plan of how to do it, will have the exact same outcome…the sting of growing debt.

Can you relate to the above? Up until this year all our wasp problems had been external (garage, gardens, fences, etc.)…that is until the spawns of Satan tricked me into bringing them inside, by nesting deep within one of our potted succulents. Within 5 minutes, we had seven big black & yellow wasps flying against our windows and walking on counters! Now what do you do when you don’t have the options of pesticides, water hose or turning and looking the other way?

Eventually your debt will do the exact same thing to you. Credit card companies are just like wasps: they are relentless in finding ways into your lives, nesting in and manipulating you into growing your balances as quickly as they can. It’s our responsibility to never give-in or justify even the smallest exception…remember wasps cannot be trusted!

So what did we do about our ‘Trojan Succulent’ invasion? Since this was one of Heather’s mom’s favorite plants, we knew we had to save it. So, we took it back outside, shattered the terra cotta pot, re-repotted it with fresh dirt and brought it back inside. Within 3 minutes, five more winged assassins came crawling out. Thankfully all of them were super slow due to the cold weather, so I was able to capture and crush them!

the plant


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