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Venus' Journey:

Weekend Trip Budge

This last week and half has been interesting. I took a trip to Atlanta for a personal development two day workshop. I noticed two things, one my desire to want to spend money even though it was not that type of trip. Two my self-talk around spending on a trip away from home. Here are a couple of tips I did to get over these challenges.  

First, I think it’s just a natural desire to want to spend when traveling into a new place. What I did was put budget on my spending by carrying only cash with me on my trip. That helped me a lot, we also went to grocery store because the majority of my spending goes to food. That helped a lot for me as well. I do remember feeling some pressure to eat at a restaurant and be social with others, so I just ordered hot tea and ate my own food later, which no one cared. I did allow myself to go out to eat sometimes, but it was not for every meal. I was able to eat much healthier and cheaper buy getting items at the grocery so it was a major win!

Second tip I would suggest is forming positive self-talk before leaving for an out-of-state trip. I was clear on what my goal was for this trip and that was to gain new knowledge, not to buy new shiny things that I see. Once I was clear on my goal about the trip. Spending more money was a non-factor. It’s interesting because I have had a couple people ask me how I am with the Project Money this week, and I feel good knowing that I was mindful about my budget and spending this weekend!    


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