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Steph's Journey:

When budgets are tight, check your cabinets or freezer

This month is pretty tight financially. Both my car insurance and camper insurance are due within the same month, so with every purchase I make, I really need to keep that in mind. My computer also needed to be replaced. It gave me 14 solid years, so I’d say it did its job, but it sucks that it isn’t working great anymore. That being said, it’s extra important for me to truly stick to my budget with zero wiggle room. The area I spend most my money on monthly, besides Willow, is groceries. I try to stay under $300, but with the cost of living rising daily, I have found it extra important to buy and freeze meats when on sale and freeze my veggies from the garden. I will frequently buy these knowing that they will immediately go into the freezer to use at a later date. I sometimes need to get really creative with what I have in the house for meal prepping.

This week’s meal from the freezer is an Asian style stir fry. I was able to score a couple packs of chicken breasts for 50% off and an Asian stir fry kit from Aldi several weeks ago. Thankfully, I almost always have chicken broth and rice on hand, as it is a staple for a lot of meal prepping meals. Having some essentials on hand regularly really helps when money gets super tight. 

Checking your cabinets or freezer when money gets tight can really help you to get you through to the next pay day. This is a good way to save money and helps to create less waste for the landfills by eating what you have instead of throwing out spoiled food. Sounds like a win-win to me!