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Between you and your money, you can make it happen. We can help.
mujer mirando finanzas
Reportes de Crédito e Informes de puntajes crediticios
Webinar, Credit, Improve Credit Score, en español
Todos hemos escuchado hablar de los informes de crédito. Pero, ¿Sabe cómo se relacionan con su poder adquisitivo y su elegibilidad para pedir préstamos? En esta sesión, analizaremos los informes crediticios detalladamente, le enseñaremos como leer un informe de crédito, entender como influye la actividad de su crédito para componer el puntaje, y saber qué actividad se reporta.
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Woman looking at finances
Credit Reports & Scores: The Basics
Webinar, Credit, Improve Credit Score
We’ve all heard of credit reports. But, do you know how they tie to your purchasing power and eligibility to borrow? In this session, we’ll break down credit reports from top to bottom, teach you how to read a report, understand ratios that generate your score and know what gets reported.
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four tips to improve credit score credit card artwork
How to Improve Your Credit Score
Credit, Financial Freedom, Money Tips, Improve Credit Score
Strengthen your credit and learn about the new changes happening to your score. Here’s everything you need to know.
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Money Smarts Podcast
Podcast: Confessions of a Debt Collector
Podcast, Money Smarts, Credit, Debt Relief
In this episode of Money Smarts, a podcast of Summit Credit Union, we're talking with a collections specialist to debunk common myths, understand how the process works and learn why it's so important to work with them. In the end, we want to be a money mentor and provide help.
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Young woman laying on couch with credit card and laptop
4 Financial Tips to Consider When Borrowing Money for the First Time
Credit, Credit Card, Loans, Money Smarts
Sometimes having a little extra cash is the only thing between you and your dreams. Check out these financial tips to be smart about borrowing money and avoid common mistakes.
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Woman sitting on couch looking at credit card statement
6 tips for debt-free credit card spending
Red Shoes, Credit, Money Tips
Credit cards can be a great way to stretch your money until payday and a handy way to buy online. (And who doesn’t love to watch their credit card rewards pile up?!?) Ready to get out of credit card debt — or avoid it in the first place? We’re here to help.
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