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Between you and your money, you can make it happen. We can help.
Financial Freedom
Woman taking selfie with dog
There’s only one you. 3 tips to help keep it that way!
Scams, Financial Freedom
They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but not when it comes to identity theft! Here’s how to keep scammers from getting ahold of all those details that make you, YOU.
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Woman looking at mail
How to Protect Your Checks and Identity From Mail Fraud
Scams, Financial Freedom
While online scams seem to be the thing these days, many fraudsters still like the old-fashioned way – through the mail. Read on to find out how to keep your checks (and your identity) out of the wrong hands.
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3 Myths and Facts About Fraud
Scams, Financial Freedom
The more you know, the more you say “No” to scammers. So we’re clearing up some common myths about fraud as part of our ongoing efforts to help you keep your money safe.
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Fraud Image
Red Flags When Shopping or Searching Online
Scams, Financial Freedom
Scammers love to make you think their websites are legit so you’ll send money or give out personal info they can use. But next time you click a Facebook ad or search online for a job, a great deal on anything from a laptop to a loan, or even a new puppy, you’ll know exactly what to watch out for!
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Project Money Season 14 Teams
Takeaways From Our Project Money Season 14 Teams
Project Money, Money Smarts, Financial Freedom
Another exciting season of Project Money has come to an end – but it’s just the beginning of a healthier, new relationship with money for our four teams! Over the last seven months of working with a Summit Financial Coach, they’ve made huge strides in growing their savings and reducing their debt. They’re taking everything they’ve learned and their new financial confidence to keep their success on a roll! But first they’re sharing their tips and insights to help all of you win in your finances, too.
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President & CEO Kim Sponem answers financial questions.
Ask Kim: New Baby & Finances
Money Smarts, Financial Freedom, Ask Kim
Q: Our daughter was just born. What should we be thinking about financially?

A: Your question around what to think about money-wise shows great parental wisdom. A good start is to envision what you hope she will feel in her own relationship with money in her lifetime. No one wants their kids to be fearful or ill-equipped to handle their money, but we need to envision what we do want for them if we want them to be successful. Picture your daughter responsibly handling money with comfort, contentment, enjoyment and confidence, and take actions to help her make that happen.
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