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Between you and your money, you can make it happen. We can help.
Online Banking
Summit Credit Union Red SHOES
Ready to make big changes to your finances? Think small!
Red Shoes, Online Banking, Financial Freedom
Ever notice that when people decide to get on track in some area of their life, they tend to go big? I mean, who says, “This year I will eat sensibly and lose five pounds?” No, they decide this is the year to get back into their high school jeans, drop their body fat to 10% and run a marathon.
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Switching Bank Accounts
Switching Banks: How to Easily Move Your Accounts
Money Smarts, Financial Freedom, Online Banking
Where you bank may seem like a small decision (they’re all more or less the same right?) but actually, choosing the right financial partner can have a big impact on your overall financial wellbeing by giving you access to better services, lower loan interest rates and possibly even more money. Plus, when you choose Summit it’s not that difficult to switch.
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online security decorative image
Avoid getting caught in a phishing attack
Online Banking, Online Shopping
Phishing attacks are when a fraudster poses as a legitimate company and tricks the recipient of an email to reveal personal information. The number of attacks has exploded in recent years and here’s a not-so-fun fact: in 2004 there were 1,609 phishing attacks a month and in the last quarter of 2016 this had jumped to 92,564 attacks a month (which is an increase of 5,753%!1 )


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Summit Credit Union Red SHOES
Wish you had a better handle on your finances?
Red Shoes, Online Banking, Money Tracker
What if you knew how much money you were spending and saving—not just once in a while, but every day?

How would your life be different if you knew exactly how much you owed and how much money you had? Would you make better decisions if you knew exactly when money was coming in and going out? Would you have a better shot at achieving your financial goals?
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red shoes
Financial Freedom, Money Tips, Online Banking, Red Shoes
With Summit Credit Union’s handy mobile app.

Haven’t we all been here? On that great road trip, ready for lazy, crazy fun, zipping down the freeway when we suddenly realize…
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Online Banking
Financial Freedom, Money Tips, Online Banking
Online banking services provide a lot more than the ability to check your balance on the fly. Are you getting the most out of your virtual branch? Here are some of the ways online banking can work for you.
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