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Own It
jane rach
Females & Finances: Jane Rach
Own It, Females and Finances
May’s Females and Finances feature is Jane Rach, assistant vice president of collections at Summit Credit Union! Keep reading to learn about Jane’s path to Summit as well as some of the financial tips she recommends to Summit members – and uses herself!
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project money by the numbers
Project Money: By the Numbers
Project Money, Own It
While it’s always a pleasure to empower our participants to achieve their dreams, just as important is inspiring the folks who follow along at home, like you!
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our april females and finance feature elizabeth odders white
Females & Finances: Elizabeth Odders-White
Career, Own It, Females and Finances
For April’s Females and Finances spotlight, we’re proud to introduce Elizabeth Odders-White, associate professor in business in the Department of Finance, Investment, and Banking at the Wisconsin School of Business. Elizabeth has a wealth of experience in financial studies and fiscal responsibility. Keep reading for some of Elizabeth’s financial insight and personal tips!
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how to spend your annual bonus
Four Tips to Make That Holiday Bonus Count
Own It, Financial Freedom, Money Tips
You just found out you got a holiday bonus, and you’re imagining the endless possibilities. But before you go on that shopping spree at the mall or book a flight to the Bahamas, consider spreading the money out to set yourself up for the future. Here are a few ways to make the most out of your bonus:
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calyn ostrowski
Females & Finances: Calyn Ostrowski
Females and Finances, Own It, Financial Freedom
December’s Females and Finances features Calyn Ostrowski, director of the World Council of Credit Unions foundation. Calyn helps provide financial services to credit union members around the globe. Keep reading to learn about some of Calyn’s favorite experiences and financial advice!

What does “Owning It” mean to you?
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summit global good visa card
Summit’s New Global Good Card
Own It, Financial Freedom
We’re excited to announce the launch of our new VISA Global Good Credit Card! The card marks our new partnership with the World Council of Credit Unions and highlights our shared mission of bettering the lives of credit union members through financial empowerment. Essentially, it lets us (and you) bring that hope to developing communities and fellow credit union members across the world!
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