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Own It
Project Money November Update
Project Money November Update
Financial Freedom, Own It, Project Money
We’re coming up to the last month of this year’s Project Money! Time flies, doesn’t it? These teams are making plenty of moves to go out owning it. Keep reading to see where these families are and learn from these savvy savers while you can!

Amanda & Nick
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Robin Mwai
Females and Finances: Robin Mwai
Females and Finances, Financial Freedom, Own It
December’s Females and Finances spotlight Robin Mwai, the winner of Summit’s 2016 Project Teen Money! Robin’s hard work and dedication have set her up for a very successful future. Keep reading to learn more about what Robin has learned about her finances and how she plans to keep Owning It at home, at school and abroad!

What does “Owning It” mean to you?
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project money 2016 October Update
Financial Freedom, Own It, Project Money
With just two months left for Project Money 2016, our teams are truly heading toward a moneymaking finish. From their in-depth strategy planning to making decisions that will set them up for long-term success, our teams have clearly learned A LOT this year.
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lisa peyton caire
Females and Finances, Financial Freedom, Own It, Working It
Our Females and Finances spotlight for August belongs to Summit’s very own assistant VP of life, learning and events, Lisa Peyton-Caire. After receiving an extensive education and holding a variety of leadership positions, Lisa has developed a proactive approach to securing financial freedom for herself and others.
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project money 2016
Financial Freedom, Own It, Project Money
Welcome to our first 2016 Project Money monthly recap! As we kick off the journey, we’ll be updating you every month on the progress of each team, key lessons they learned and the tactics they used to get them there. Keep reading to see how these four teams are already saving cash and totally Owning It.

Amanda & Nick:
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Sherry Johnson
Females and Finances, Own It, Working It
For June’s Females and Finances, we have 2015 Project Money coach Sherry Johnson! A Summit employee for over 17 years, Sherry coached her team, Carrie and Chris Bennett, to victory in the 2015 Project Money competition – so the woman knows a thing or two about finances. Read below how Sherry owns both her personal and professional life, and get some tips from this rock star lady.
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