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Between you and your money, you can make it happen. We can help.
Free Webinar: Living a Financially Well Life
New Year’s Resolution: Living a Financially Well Life
Webinar, Saving Tips
Every year, people of all age levels set new year’s resolutions with the goal to improve their lives. The most common resolutions are focused on health. Many don’t consider financial wellness as a piece of their overall wellbeing. This session was created to inspire you to look deeper into creating New Year’s Resolutions that align with your financial goals and provide you with the clarity you need to live a financially well life.
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Using Summit Money Minder Webinar
Get Your Ducks in a Row: Estate Planning
Webinar, Estate Planning
This session helps you prepare for the unexpected so your loved ones can work through your financial affairs with less overwhelm. We will explain and share what you need to know along with providing you steps to take so your assets are divided based on your wishes. Learn key terms, how to document appropriately, and prepare the best you can to bring you the utmost peace of mind.
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Take Control of Your Finances Webinar
The Art of Budgeting
Webinar, Budgeting, Budgeting Tips
The art of budgeting can have ups and downs because our spending is not always the same each month. Learn how to be flexible, adjust to overspending and hold yourself accountable to stay on track. Plus, get tips on how to update your budget to rebuild your emergency savings after the unexpected happens.
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Guide to Mindful Spending Webinar
Teach Kids About Money
Webinar, Saving Tips, Kids
Are you prepared to teach your child about money? Find out what children should know about money and what motivates them to spend and save. You’ll learn tactics to help children set goals, budget, save and invest.
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Maximize Digital Banking
Maximize Digital Banking
Webinar, Digital Banking
From our computers to now our phones, accessing your money anywhere with digital banking is easy. There’s so much that you can do virtually now, from transferring funds instantly, paying bills all in one place, using a money management tool to keep track of your budget, and more. This session will cover Summit’s online banking platform and mobile app at full capacity. You’ll learn about options you might not be using that could be saving you time along with safety tips to implement now.  
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El ITIN y su dinero
El ITIN y su dinero
Webinar, Taxes, Credit, en español
¿Tiene un Número de Identificación de Contribuyente Individual, también conocido como ITIN? En esta sesión, discutiremos cómo se puede usar su ITIN para establecer crédito y abrir cuentas bancarias. Cubriremos los tipos de cuentas que puede abrir, los tipos de préstamos que puede solicitar, qué documentación se requiere y cómo puede prepararse para futuros préstamos.
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