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Between you and your money, you can make it happen. We can help.
Worth Saving For
Budgeting Basics
Financial Freedom, Money Tips, Protecting Your Finances, Worth Saving For
We should all be budgeting our money, no matter what our financial goals. Time to get that brand new car? Down payment on your first house? What about just creating a savings cushion or paying down some credit card debt? As you start budgeting, we’ve laid out a few basic rules to get you on your way. You never know how much savings you can find by starting now.
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project money 2015 october recap
Financial Freedom, Own It, Project Money, Worth Saving For
Another month of Project Money is in the books! Between wedding anniversaries, beginning new career paths and saving for their children’s college education, October proved to be one of the most eventful months yet. Our participants are living out the excitement of their daily lives, all the while working hard to improve their financial well-being and future.
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Money Tips, Shopping, Worth Saving For
Sure, some things are better bought brand-new – running shoes or a mattress, for example. But there are a number of purchases where it makes sense to buy used. For very little drop-off in quality, you can save big. Here are the best items to purchase second-hand:
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