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Chat Live Face-to-Face With a
Summit Personal Teller in Real Time

Our Video Tellers are real, Summit-employed tellers walking you through your transaction – just over live, two-way video instead of over a counter!

What transactions can you do? Anything you’d do with any other Summit teller. Or, if you want to make a quick ATM transaction without a Video Teller, you can do that too.


Chatting with a Video Teller is easy!
Watch this quick video:



Personal teller service and an ATM wrapped into one? How convenient!


Tap the screen and chat with a live Video Teller to:

  • Check a balance
  • Withdraw cash and dispense coins
  • Make a transfer within your account or to another member's account
  • Deposit cash or a check (even deposit up to 40 bills and checks at the same time!)
  • Get a cashier’s check (at lobby Video Tellers only)
  • Make a loan payment, credit card payment or mortgage payment
  • Do general account maintenance and add travel notes on your account so your debit or credit card won't get flagged while you're traveling
  • Open a share on an existing account

Insert your debit card and use the ATM feature to:

  • Check a balance
  • Withdraw cash
  • Make a transfer
Video Tellers help us do more for you
  • They’re convenient – It’s like using an ATM but better, with more transaction options and personal guidance by a Summit employee. (No deposit slip needed!)
  • They offer extended service hours – Since they’re open beyond lobby hours, Video Tellers make it easier to manage your money on your schedule.
  • They free up staff for more in-depth help – Video Tellers let in-branch staff focus on longer discussions with you, like one-on-one financial coaching or going over your goals and options.
  • They serve more members’ needs – Our Video Tellers can serve you in English or Spanish. There are also Braille buttons and a keyboard for more communication options.

Video Teller Spotlight

We’re not replacing employees with Video Tellers! In fact, the friendly faces you see on-screen all work for Summit, mostly right from our Cottage Grove headquarters. We also have other staff supporting this convenient technology behind the scenes.

Get to know some of our Video Tellers below:

PTM Meet Becky

Meet Becky

"I love seeing familiar faces come up on the screen! It’s great getting to know members and learning new things every day."

PTM Meet Danielle

Meet Danielle

"I enjoy being able to help people along their financial journey in a way that’s also convenient for them. Most transactions only take minutes, and we’re open before and after lobby hours."

PTM Meet Jenny

Meet Jenny

"I like being a Video Teller because I get to help members from ALL our locations. My goal every time is to make things easy and convenient."

Meet Miriam

Meet Miriam

"I love showing members that even over video, I can provide the best service! And that I can help with more than just cash or check deposits – transfers, loan payments and other transactions too."

PTM Meet Karissa

Meet Karissa

"Even though transactions are quick, I get a chance to hear stories from people at all different branches about their travels or other experiences – and that’s fun."

Video Teller FAQs

Is a Video Teller a real person, talking to me live?

Yes, your Video Teller is a real, Summit-employed teller walking you through your transaction. It’s just over live, two-way video instead of over a counter! You can do the same transactions too – make deposits, get cash, transfer money between accounts, check your balance, make a loan payment and more.

Are Video Tellers actual Summit employees?

Absolutely! Video Tellers are not replacing Summit employees. Everyone you see on-screen is a Summit employee working in real time, most of them from our headquarters in Cottage Grove. Some work remotely – and since that’s something many of today’s top job candidates look for, it helps us ensure the very best team to serve you!

What are the benefits of using a Video Teller?

Easy access, more efficient service (no need to fill out deposit slips), and extended hours for your convenience! Plus, with our Video Tellers available to handle day-to-day transactions, our in-branch staff can focus on helping you with more involved financial conversations and one-on-one coaching.

How do I start chatting with a Video Teller?

Just touch the screen. Like with any teller, there may be a member or two ahead of you in the "line," but your Video Teller will be with you soon to walk you through your transaction.

Can I do an ATM transaction instead of calling a Video Teller?

Of course – just insert your debit card to use the ATM feature and get cash, check your balance or make a transfer between shares on your account. If you find you need help along the way, you could always call a Video Teller to walk you through those same transactions (and many more).

What if I need help with the Video Teller experience?

We’re more than happy to walk you through it. There’s always a branch team member available to help, and our Video Tellers are experts at answering your questions and guiding you through the process.

Are Video Tellers secure?

Yes – protecting your financial information is one of our biggest priorities. Chatting with a Video Teller is as secure as working with a teller in the branch, even offering more privacy options. You can adjust the volume of your two-way video, use headphones, talk through an attached phone, type on a keyboard or text chat.

Can you still help me with questions or changes to my accounts?

Anytime! Many changes to your account can be done with a Video Teller. If not, our branch team will be on hand in the lobby to help with anything you need.

Can I deposit cash and checks at the same time with a Video Teller?

Yes, it’s so convenient! If you have a stack of checks, bills or both, you can insert them all at once for deposit (up to 40 items per batch).

Can a Video Teller dispense coins?

Yes, up to $0.99 in coins – just not any rolled coins. If you need those, ask our staff at the Member Service Desk in the lobby.

Are cashier’s checks available through Video Tellers?

Yes. Cashier’s checks are available at Video Tellers located in our branch lobbies.

How will my transactions appear on my statement?

Your transactions with a Video Teller will be noted in the transaction description. Here’s an example:

Withdrawal Kiosk..........................$10.00

[XXPTM] PTM cash withdrawal

Deposit Kiosk..................................$15.00

[XXPTM] PTM cash share deposit

Are Video Tellers available at every Summit branch?

Almost! Many of our branches offer this convenient option – just look for the Video Teller icon under branch listings in our Locations.

When are Video Tellers available?

Our Video Tellers offer extended service (beyond our lobby hours) for your convenience:

7:30 am–7:00 pm Monday through Thursday

7:30 am–6:00 pm Friday

8:00 am–1:00 pm Saturday