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Set the tone for Your financial life

Your checking account should be helping you get ahead, not holding you back. Summit checking lets you manage your money in the moment, with fewer fees and more perks. Compare checking accounts and find your match.

  1. Nearly 5,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs

    Because having to pay for access to your own money is just wrong.

    Find an ATM

  2. Digital Banking

    Manage your money on the go with online banking and bill pay, e-statements sent right to your inbox, digital wallet and our Summit mobile app.

    Learn more about Digital Banking

  3. Cash Back Reward

    Your account makes you eligible for our Cash Boomerang program. The more you save and borrow, the more you get back.

    Learn more about Cash Boomerang

  4. Overdraft Protection

    Everyone runs short once in a while. If it happens to you, Summit's got your back when you set up overdraft transfers and overdraft protection loans.

    Find Out How
    Overdraft Transfers from a Deposit Account


    Automatic transfers are set up from your primary savings and/or money market account to your checking to cover overdrafts, as long as funds are available. A small $2 fee applies for each transfer from a linked deposit account. To set it up, simply give us a call at 608-243-5000 or 800-236-5560.


    Overdraft Protection Line of Credit Loan


    Protect yourself from transactions being declined because of non-sufficient funds with an Overdraft Protection Loan.

    • Automatic transfers when you need them
    • Ensure funds are on deposit for your automatic payments so your bills are paid on time, helping you establish good credit
    • Affordable monthly repayment option


  5. Visa Debit Card

    You can use your debit card anywhere Visa is accepted. You can also use it to check your balance, make a deposit or get cash at any ATM. Plus, lots of fun designs to choose from.

Tools & Resources


Balance your checkbook quickly and easily.


How many times have you asked yourself "where does our money go?"


How much do you have? Count it up and take a look!


You might want to consider whether you are better off using the money you have in savings to pay down debt.


If you're trying to pay down some debt, you might be wondering what the impact would be if you simply increased your monthly payment each month.

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