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Celebrating 10 Seasons of Project Money

Project Money


In this life-changing and award-winning financial education program, Project Money teams work directly with Summit financial coaches – racking up savings, driving down debt and improving their daily lives in the process.

TEAMS &FINANCIAL COACHES4GRAND PRIZE$10KMONTHS7HERE’S HOW IT WORKS“Project Money literally changed our lives. It changed all of our habits and philosophies about living.”Mike + Robin “I was an impulse buyer who confused needs and wants. After Project Money I can walk away from a good buy.”ConnieIt’s about much more than financial management – it’s about achieving a better life! Participants learn how to save more money, spend wisely, plan intentionally and communicate openly about finances. Follow along and you can learn all these skills too!CREATING IMPACTFUL LIFE CHANGESSEASON 6SEASON 4Being money savvy doesn’t mean cutting out what makes you happy. In fact, we tell Project Money participants, don’t give up what you love, give up what you don’t love! By cutting spending on items that are less important to you, you’ll feel good about spending on the stuff that feeds your soul. Here are a few examples of ways to switch things up instead of giving things up:ALIGNING YOUR MONEY HABITS WITH YOUR VALUESIF YOU LOVE TO COOK,EXPLORE NEW RECIPESINSTEAD OF NEW RESTAURANTSIF YOU LOVE SHOES, MAKE SURE THEY’RE BUILT INTO YOUR BUDGETIF YOU LOVE GIVING GIFTS, TRY HAND MAKING YOUR OWNUPPING OUR GAMEWe’re passionate about financial education and love helping people learn how to manage money. Programs like Project Money are just one of the many ways we bring people together to take charge of their finances – and their future! We even created a spinoff:TOTAL MONEY SAVINGSTOTAL DEBT REDUCTIONTEEN MONEY SCHOLARSHIPSTOTAL PARTICIPANTS$307,132$354,254$30,00036IT ALL ADDS UP TO FINANCIAL WELLNESSOver the past nine seasons, participants have embraced the challenge, put financial advice into practice and created real, lasting change. They’ve also inspired friends, family and anyone following along with their journeys to do the same! DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC TUNE IN TO PROJECT MONEY Follow along to get in on money management tips, strategies forowning your finances and more.

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