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savings tips for tailgates

Football season is back, and with it comes a fan favorite: tailgate parties. Keep in mind a few savvy spending techniques, and a fun and successful tailgate doesn’t have to break the bank. Continue reading for five simple tips that are certain to help you save cash while you cheer on your team.

1: Make a Game Plan 
Try to get a good estimate of how many guests will be attending your tailgate and purchase accordingly. This will prevent you from running to the store at the last minute for more food, but also from being left with plates of leftovers – who really likes re-heated hot dogs, anyway?

2: Simple Is Best
Save money and preparation time by keeping your menu simple. There are plenty of foods that are perfect for tailgating parties and won’t break the bank. Many supplies, such as meat, buns and soda can be found in large quantities for a bargain at wholesale clubs. Pick up other favorite snacks like pretzels, nuts and crackers on sale at the grocery store. 

3: #Teamwork
Sometimes it’s best to divide and conquer. If your guest list keeps growing, don’t worry about trying to feed them all on your own – instead, team up for a potluck tailgate. Ask each guest to bring a side dish, dessert or beverage. This will spread out the cost while ensuring everyone leaves satisfied.

4: The Bake and Save Move
Sweet treats from a bakery are often pricey. To save a little cash, bake classic crowd favorites like cookies or brownies at home the day before your tailgate. You’ll help with everyone’s sweet tooth and save some money at the same time.

5: Home Field Advantage
Don’t feel the need to buy decorations with the team logo. Instead, pick up your basic party supplies like plates, napkins, cups and tablecloths in your team’s colors at a party or dollar store. The tailgate atmosphere will be just as festive, and you can put the money you saved to better use.

There you go, savvy savers! Stick to those tips to own your tailgates and beyond. Don’t forget to check out Summit’s credit card options to try and make the most out of all your (inevitable) spending by racking up transactions — and then redeeming them for perks like airline miles, hotel stays and even cash back.

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